BALTIMORE (August 15) — More than 300 lacrosse players from around the country have been honored on the 2003 US Lacrosse Women's Division High School All-America teams announced today.  A first team and honorable mention team were selected.

The teams were selected by the High School Committee of the Women's Division Coaches Council.  Each of US Lacrosse's 50 chapter areas are awarded a designated number of All-America slots based on the number of head coaches who are US Lacrosse members in the chapter areas.

We have supplemented the USL list — where this information is available to us — with players' hometowns, positions (in a few cases), and the colleges they will be attending for 2003-2004 (or class if not a senior).  Updates of this latter information can be sent to  Questions concerning who is or is not included on the list should be addressed to US Lacrosse.

    Player, Position (Hometown/High School) — College or Class
   Kristin Link, Attack (Slingerlands/Bethlehem) — Connecticut
   Katie Wagoner, Midfield (Glenmont/Bethlehem) — Boston College
   Patricia Sutton, Midfield (Saratoga Springs) — Holy Cross
   Jessica Adam (Severn School)
   Brooke Shinaberry, Goalie (Millersville/Severna Park) — Vanderbilt
   Mary Key, Attack (Stevensville/St. Mary's) — Johns Hopkins
   Emily Lovett, Midfield (Barrington) — Northwestern
   Brett Swenson, Attack (Winnetka/New Trier) — Middlebury
   Amy Babington, Midfield (Loyola Academy) — Villanova
   Meghan Murphy, Midfield (Cherry Creek) — Notre Dame
   Caroline Cryer, Attack (Cherry Creek) — (Junior)
   Margo Duke, Midfield (Englewood/Kent Denver School) — Dartmouth
   Elizabeth Humes, Attack (Littleton/Cherry Creek) — Middlebury
   Abby Bangser, Goalie (Conard)
   Meghan Bushnell, Midfield (Madison/Daniel Hand) — California
   Caroline Finger, Midfield (Greenwich/Greenwich) — Pennsylvania
   Regan Gilbride, Goalie (Greenwich Academy)
   Brennan Joyce, Midfield (Rye, NY/Convent of Sacred Heart) — Boston College
   Jennifer Pittman, Midfield (New Canaan/Convent of Sacred Heart) — Dartmouth
   Caitlin Reimers, Defense (Greenwich/Greenwich) — Princeton
   Rachel Sanford, Midfield (Greenwich/Greenwich) — Duke
   Tara Schoen, Attack (Darien)
   Caroline Simmons, Attack (Greenwich Academy)
   Sarah Walter, Midfield (St. Andrew's School)
   Emma Wallace, Midfield (Lincoln, VA/St. Andrew's School) — Johns Hopkins
   Jamie Schneider, Midfield (MD/Worcester Prep) — Villanova
   Hillary Ftaztke, Midfield (Queen Anne's County) — (Sophomore)
Eastern Massachusetts
   Kate Lombard, Midfield (Brooks School)
   Michelle Shortsleeve, Midfield (Buckingham, Browne & Nichols) — Dartmouth
   Kimberly Reny, Attack (Marblehead/Marblehead) — Albany
   Natalie Shettle, Attack (Middlesex School)
   Kristen Barry, Midfield (Thayer Academy) — (Junior)
   Katie Brooks, Midfield (Winchester) — (Junior)
   Kristen Kjellman, Midfield (Westwood/Westwood) — Northwestern
   Colleen Quirk (North Springs)
   Neeley Odom (Lovett)
   Janna Kaufman, Goalie (Walton) — Goucher
Greater Baltimore
   Jessica Allen, Midfield (Monkton/Hereford) — North Carolina
   Maria Bosica, Attack (Ellicott City/Mt. Hebron) — James Madison
   Laura Cipro, Defense (Ellicott City/Mt. Hebron) — Georgetown
   Lindsay Dutch, Midfield (Mt. Hebron) — Penn State
   Jaimie Hanssen (Notre Dame Prep)
   Christina Juras, Attack/Midfield (Ellicott City/McDonogh) — North Carolina
   Kelly Kasper (Century)
   Chrissy Rude, Attack (Sparks/Hereford) — North Carolina
   Coco Stanwick, Attack (Baltimore/Notre Dame Prep) — Georgetown
   Kristen Waagbo, Attack (Ellicott City/Mt. Hebron) — Duke
Greater Rochester (NY)
   Hilary Bowen (Brighton) — (Sophomore)
   Ashley Friend, Midfield (Canadaigua/Canadaigua) — Richmond
   Whitney Micheles (East Rochester) — (Sophomore)
Hudson Valley
   Colleen Carney, Attack (Lakeland)
   Alison Rogers, Defense (Cortlandt Manor/Walter Panas) — Georgetown
   Jennifer Greenberg, Attack (Suffern/Suffern) — Maryland
   Anne Banfich, Goalie (Culver Academy)
Long Island/Metro NYC
   Lindsay Levin (Manhasset/Paul D. Schreiber) — Yale
   Katie Hogan (Farmingdale)
   Kate Breslin, Attack (Manhasset/Manhasset) — Virginia
   Krista Pellizzi, Attack (North Massapequa/Farmingdale) — Maryland
   Meaghan Fitzpatrick, Defense (Farmingdale/St. Anthony's) — Notre Dame
   Laura Cavallo, Midfield (Bay Shore/Bay Shore) — California
   Justine Burr, Midfield (Northport/Northport) — Boston College
   Emily Lawrence (Northport)
   Kristen Hordy, Goalie (Northport/Northport) — North Carolina
   Elizabeth Piselli, Midfield (Rockville Centre/South Side) — Stanford
   Kim Hillier, Attack (Farmingdale/Farmingdale) — Hofstra
   Jenna McCabe, Midfield (Brunswick)
   Kaitlyn Barker, Attack (Kennbunk)
   Roberta Dennison, Midfield (North Yarmouth Academy)
   Courtney Drake, Midfield (Falmouth/Waynflete School) — Colby
   Becky Manning (Cranbrook Kingswood)
   Alexis Lobodocky, Attack (Bloomfield Hills/Academy of Sacred Heart) — Boston College
   Emily Riff, Attack (The Blake School)
   Mindy Truitt, Goalie (Eden Prairie)
   Cherice Mahal, Attack (Bloomington Kennedy)
   Amelia Martinez, Goalie (Ursuline Academy)
   Erin Gaebe, Midfield (MICDS) — (Junior)
   Adrienne Dybus, Midfield (Ursuline Academy) — (Junior)
New Hampshire
   Meeghan Ford, Midfield (Rochester/St. Paul's) — Duke
   Blair Weymouth (Holderness) — (Junior)
New Jersey
   Lindsay Finocchiaro, Midfield (Fairfield/West Essex) — Northwestern
   Kerry Kelly, Midfield (Roseland/West Essex) — Drexel
   Katie Batiuk, Midfield (Jackson/Jackson Memorial) — Rutgers
   Allyson Vernon, Midfield (Voorhees/Eastern Regional) — Ohio State
   Elizabeth Gamble, Midfield (Summit/Summit) — Harvard
   Anne Marchitello, Attack (Shawnee) — Rutgers
   Margie Curran, Attack (Moorestown) — (Junior)
   Stephanie Janice, Attack (Medford Lakes/Shawnee) — Johns Hopkins
   Megan O'Malley, Midfield (Moorestown) — (Junior)
Northern California
   Katie McMahon, Attack (Pleasanton/Foothill) — UC Davis
   Megan Miller, Attack (Pleasanton/Foothill) — UC Davis
   Eva Alden, Goalie (Menlo School)
   Katie McGovern, Midfield (St. Ignatius College Prep) — (Junior)
   Julia Martin, Midfield (Menlo School) — (Sophomore)
Northern Ohio
   Ann Elliott, Midfield (Shaker Heights)
   Elizabeth Floyd, Midfield (Hathaway Brown School)
   Lauren Traficant, Midfield (Dublin Coffman)
   Janeen Tucker, Midfield (Bunnell/Flagler Palm Coast) — Limestone
   Casey Paris, Attack (Longwood/Lake Brantley) — Mount St. Mary's
   Sarah Wilkin, Attack/Midfield (Winter Springs/Lake Howell) — Lees-McRae
   Emily Clark, Defense (Episcopal Academy) — Cornell
   Jill DePetris, Midfield (Radnor/Archbishop Carroll) — Syracuse
   Kate Filippelli, Midfield (Archbishop Carroll) — (Junior)
   Megan Havrilla, Midfield (Devon/Conestoga) — Virginia
   Kristin Hopson, Defense (Rosemont/Radnor) — Notre Dame
   Margaret Koch, Goalie (Philadelphia/Springside School) — Drexel
   Jessi Lieb, Midfield (Radnor) — (Junior)
   Michelle Menser, Midfield (Wayne/Radnor) — Duke
   Sarah Steinbach, Midfield (Doylestown/Central Bucks West) — James Madison
   Margaux Viola, Midfield (Episcopal Academy) — Cornell
   Jess Wasilewski, Midfield (Paoli/Conestoga) — Virginia
   Amie Biros, Midfield (Bethesda/Walt Whitman) — Brown
   Claire Bordley, Midfield (Holton-Arms School) — (Junior)
   Lydia Denkler, Defense (St.Stephen's/St.Agnes) — Brown
   Jenny Diana, Midfield (Fairfax/Robinson Secondary School) — Delaware
   Jennifer Hauser (St.Stephen's/St.Agnes) — (Junior)
   Jennifer Holden, Midfield/Defense (St.Stephen's/St.Agnes) — (Sophomore)
   Kathleen Miller, Midfield (Alexandria/St.Stephen's/St.Agnes) — Princeton
   Carolyn Raveia, Attack (Fairfax/W.T. Woodson) — Monmouth
   Liz Reifsnyder, Midfield (Washington, DC/Sidwell Friends School) — California
   Cameron Stewart, Midfield (National Cathedral School)
   Kaitlin Swagart, Midfield (Washington, DC/National Cathedral School) — Virginia
   Jennifer Tapscott, Midfield/Attack (Washington, DC/Stone Ridge School) — Vanderbilt
   Kathryn Tylander, Goalie (St.Stephen's/St.Agnes) — Harvard
   Danielle Zuralow, Midfield/Attack (Robinson Secondary) — (Junior)
Rhode Island
   Perry Barlow, Midfield (Barrington/Barrington) — Harvard
Richmond/Charlottesville/Hampton Roads
   Meg Freshwater (St Annes-Belfield) — (Junior)
   Kate Lyons, Defense (Lexington/Rockbridge County) — Mary Washington
   Jennifer Shipp (Albemarle)
   Kristen Wong, Defense (Richmond/Trinity Episcopal) — William & Mary
San Diego
   Claire Thomas, Midfield (Poway)
   Janelle Jones, Attack (Poway)
   Corey Smith, Midfield (Torrey Pines)
South Florida
   Anna Glanfield, Midfield (St. Andrew's)
   Amy Smick, Attack (St. Edward's)
Southern Ohio
   Lizzy Chirlin (Sycamore)
   Millie Canter (Cy-Fair)
   Megan McClain (Hockaday) — (Junior)
Upstate New York
   Shannon Burke, Attack (Camillus/West Genesee) — Connecticut
   Tara Casey, Midfield (Syracuse/Westhill) — Colgate
   Katie Doolittle, Midfield (Manlius/Fayetteville-Manlius) — Maryland
   Alison McKeown, Midfield (Ithaca)
   Katie Princiotto, Midfield (Horseheads) — (Junior)
   Jessica Verrilli, Midfield (Seattle Preperatory School) — Stanford
   Noelle Anderson, Defense (Seattle Preperatory School)
Western Massachusetts
   Cameron Houser, Midfield (Deerfield Academy) — Dartmouth
Western New York
   Kristen Stone (Nichols School) — (Junior)
   Shannon Docherty (Nichols School) — (Junior)
Western Pennsylvania
   Sarah Szefi, Attack (Mt. Lebanon)
   Alicia Koval, Midfield (Sewickley Academy)
   Lauren Ahearn, Midfield (Sewickley Academy) — (Junior)
   Joanie Plake, Midfield (Mt. Lebanon)
Honorable Mention All-Americans
   Brianna Bubeck, Midfield (Bethlehem) — Massachusetts
   Joanna Culkin, Attack (Saratoga Springs/Saratoga) — Gannon
   Kris Rajcak, Attack (Scotia/Scotia-Glenville) — Albany
Central Pennsylvania
   Julie Brazitis (Manheim Township)
   Rose Gavin (Conestoga Valley)
   Sarah Rosenfeld (Manheim Township)
   Schuyler Sutton, Attack (Annapolis/Severn School) — Georgetown
   Katie Pumphrey (Severna Park)
   Julie Gladchuk, Midfield (Annapolis/St. Mary's) — North Carolina
   Jennifer May (South River)
   Blair Daverman, Midfield (New Trier) — (Junior)
   Hilary Alley, Midfield (Lake Forest) — (Junior)
   Stephanie Terao, Goalie (Evanston Township) — (Junior)
   Brooke Meyer, Midfield (Cherry Creek) — (Junior)
   Nicole Cannon, Attack (Colorado Academy)
   Molly McConaty, Attack (East)
   Alexa Webster, Attack (Smoky Hill) — New Hampshire
   Reid Berrien, Midfield (Green Farms Academy)
   Christina Fast, Attack (Greenwich Academy)
   Katie Linhares, Goalie (Greenwich/Greenwich) — Notre Dame
   Alexandra Lippman, Midfield (Darien)
   Kiley Murphy, Attack (Westminster)
   Megan Orr, Goalie (Wilton/Wilton) — Holy Cross
   Caitrin Ryan, Attack (Wilton) — (Junior)
   Catherine Wooters, Midfield (New Canaan/New Canaan) — Pennsylvania
   Sara duPont, Midfield (St. Andrew's School)
   Daphne Patterson, Attack (St. Andrew's School)
   Marissa Lucy, Defense (Bethany Beach/Worcester Prep) — Villanova
   Alexis Morrell, Midfield (Sts. Peter & Paul) — Quinnipiac
Eastern Massachusetts
   Whit Hagerman, Midfield (Brooks School) — (Sophomore)
   Christina Covucci, Midfield (Concord/Concord-Carlisle) — New Hampshire
   Moira Talbot, Attack (Governor Dummer Academy) — (Junior)
   Lily Lyman, Midfield (Groton School)
   Hilary Lynch, Goalie (Hingham/Hingham) — California
   Taylor White, Midfield (Wellesley/Milton Academy) — Bowdoin
   Casey Logan, Attack (Scituate, MA/Thayer Academy) — Wellesley
   Robin Harvey, Midfield (Winchester) — Colorado College
   Meredith Frank, Midfield (Westwood) — (Sophomore)
   Lauren Cotter, Defense (Middlesex School)
   Allie Libby, Attack (Needham/Needham) — Colby
   Katie Antebi (North Springs)
   Lindsey Ryerse (Lovett) — (Junior)
   Callie Ellis (Westminster)
Greater Baltimore
   Kelly Berger, Midfield (Jessup/Hammond) — James Madison
   Renee' Cipro (Mt. Hebron) — Penn State
   Becky Clipp, Midfield (Catonsville/Catonsville) — Maryland
   Britt Faulkner (Ellicott City/Mt. Hebron) — Virginia Tech
   Karen Long (Mt. Hebron) — Penn State
   Alex Nolan, Attack (Baltimore/Roland Park Country School) — Johns Hopkins
   Norris Novak (Bryn Mawr)
   Mollie Reese, Midfield (Monkton/Hereford) — Maryland
   Kelly Renzi, Attack/Midfield (Ellicott City/Centennial) — North Carolina
   Lauren Schwarzmann (Century)
Greater Rochester (NY)
   Emily Allen (Penfield) — (Junior)
   Carlee Buck, Midfield (Penn Yan/Penn Yan Academy) — Stony Brook
   Kim Vesling (Pittsford)
Hudson Valley
   Meridith St. Lawrence, Midfield (Suffern)
   Sloan Giampa (Yorktown)
   Michelle Eide, Midfield (Pearl River/Nanuet) — Siena
   Anne Johnson, Midfield (Park Tudor School)
Long Island/Metro NYC
   Christina Buttle (Northport)
   Christina D'Angelo, Defense (Northport/Northport) — Richmond
   Kim Wathey, Midfield (South Huntington/Walt Whitman) — Duke
   Casey McGrath, Midfield (Kings Park/Kings Park) — Hofstra
   Nicole Cooper, Defense (Nesconset/Smithtown) — Boston U.
   Julia Ryan (St. Anthony's)
   Katie Cox (Garden City)
   Lauren Taylor (Manhasset)
   Lauren Cohen (Farmingdale)
   Caitlin Sotell (Garden City)
   Natasha Fuchs (Bay Shore)
   Ashley Pellerins, Attack (Bonny Eagle)
   Kathleen Curran, Midfield (South Portland)
   Stephanie Hearn, Midfield (Kennebunk/Kennebunk) — Mary Washington
   Alison Doughty, Midfield (Brunswick)
   Allison Ambrozy (Grosse Pointe South)
   Alison Spencer, Defense (The Blake School)
   Rachel Stewart, Defense (Kirkwood)
   Ashley Lower, Defense (Lafayette)
   Carrie Seyer, Attack (St. Joseph's Academy) — (Junior)
New Hampshire
   Brenna Leahy (St. Paul's)
New Jersey
   Christine Dobrosky, Midfield (Mountain Lakes/Mountain Lakes) — Princeton
   Whitney Richards, Midfield (Holy Cross) — (Junior)
   Katie Lewis-Lamonica, Midfield (Lawrenceville School) — (Junior)
   Jamie Farewell, Midfield (Shawnee) — Rutgers
   Dina Marone, Defense (Shawnee)
   Jessica Champion, Midfield (Moorestown/Moorestown) — Yale
   Casey Cech, Midfield (Moorestown/Moorestown) — Temple
   Jacky Kushner, Goalie (Moorestown/Moorestown) — Lafayette
   Mandy Corry, Goalie (West Essex) — (Junior)
Northern California
   Cristen Andrews, Midfield (Foothill) — (Junior)
   Gina Conti, Midfield (St. Ignatius College Prep)
   Chrissy Guibara, Midfield (Menlo School) — (Junior)
   Kelly Havens, Defense (Berkeley)
   Meghan Horn, Midfield (St. Ignatius College Prep) — (Junior)
Northern Ohio
   Kirby Slager, Defense (Upper Arlington)
   Colby Szlag, Attack (Upper Arlington)
   Jordan Trautman, Attack (Western Reserve Academy)
   Kelley Windle, Midfield (Worthington Kilbourne)
   Ashley Wood, Midfield (Shaker Heights)
   Christy Finch, Midfield (Hudson)
   Shannon Hogan, Midfield (Lake Brantley)
   Mary Katherine O'Rourke, Midfield (Oviedo)
   Kayleigh Graves, Attack (Winter Springs/Winter Springs) — Long Island
   Lydia Williams, Midfield (Episcopal Academy) — Harvard
   Catherine Somits, Midfield (West Chester East) — (Junior)
   Stacie Pollock, Defense (Kennett Square/Unionville) — Duquesne
   Allison Murray, Defense (Episcopal Academy) — (Junior)
   Alexandra Morley, Midfield (Springside School) — (Junior)
   Kelly Kremer, Attack (Unionville) — (Junior)
   Suzanne Finley, Defense (Berwyn/Villa Maria Academy) — Fairfield
   Heather Ferguson, Attack (Archbishop Carroll) — (Junior)
   Jessica Dwinell, Defense (Germantown Academy) — (Junior)
   Johna Capaldo, Attack (Hill School)
   Kelly Cassels, Midfield (Malvern/Great Valley) — Franklin & Marshall
   Amy Babiarz, Midfield (Westfield) — (Junior)
   Leila Batmanghelidj, Attack (The Potomac School)
   Lizzie Culvahouse, Midfield (Alexandria/St.Stephen's/St.Agnes) — Dartmouth
   Molly Gannon, Defense (Alexandria/Bishop Ireton) — George Washington
   Kristen Hicks, Defense (Robinson Secondary) — Villanova
   Paige Keffer, Defense (Oakton) — (Sophomore)
   Kaylene Klingenstein, Midfield (Eleanor Roosevelt) — (Junior)
   Mary Minshall, Midfield (Bethesda/Holton-Arms School) — Princeton
   Katie Russo, Midfield (Winston Churchill) — (Junior)
   Abby Southmayd, Attack (Bethesda/Walt Whitman) — Ohio State
   Julie Stone, Midfield (Annandale) — (Junior)
   Sarah Waxman, Goalie (Sidwell Friends School) — (Junior)
   Ellen Werble, Midfield (National Cathedral School)
   Katie Wiacek, Defense (National Cathedral School) — (Junior)
Rhode Island
   Syndey Linder, Goalie (Providence/Wheeler School) — Columbia
Richmond/Charlottesville/Hampton Roads
   Kate Schilling (Richmond/Collegiate) — Virginia Tech
   Kelly Evans, Midfield (Lexington/Rockbridge County) — Washington & Lee
San Diego
   Jennifer Sanderson, Defense (Poway/Poway) — UC Davis
   Kalyn Olson, Midfield (La Jolla)
   Alden Monger, Midfield (Coronado/Coronado) — UC Davis
South Florida
   Bettina Anderson, Midfield (St. Andrew's)
   Kaitlyn Clark, Midfield (Coral Springs)
Southern Ohio
   Bailey Su (Sycamore)
   Betsy Beckert (Greenhill)
   Caitlin Erickson (Cy-Fair) — (Junior)
   Abby Tice (Hockaday) — (Junior)
   Kristin Tiner (Kinkaid)
Upstate New York
   Erica LaGrow, Midfield (Christian Brothers Academy) — (Junior)
   Sarah Spillett, Attack (Liverpool/Liverpool) — Albany
   Robin Mason, Midfield (Baldwinsville/C.W. Baker) — St. Bonaventure
   Courtney Hastrich, Goalie (Horseheads/Horseheads) — St. Bonaventure
   Kristen Dupuis, Attack (Corning Painted Post East) — (Junior)
   Whitney Vecchio, Attack (General Brown) — (Junior)
   Ashley Pike, Midfield (Watertown/General Brown) — Syracuse
   Mallory Lobisser, Midfield (Bainbridge Island/Lakeside School) — Washington & Lee
Western Massachusetts
   Caroline Hines, Attack (Rye, NY/Deerfield Academy) — Harvard
Western New York
   Kristina Raab, Goalie (Amherst/Amherst) — UMBC
Western Pennsylvania
   Tammy Hoch, Midfield (Sewickley Academy) — Denison
   Katie Wheeler, Attack (Mt. Lebanon)
   Anne Murray, Midfield (Mt. Lebanon) — (Sophomore)
   Marisa Lozano, Attack (Sewickley Academy) — (Sophomore)

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