BALTIMORE - US Lacrosse has honored more than 700 high school girls' lacrosse student-athletes as Academic All-Americans for the 2003 season.  "Players were selected by the High School Committee of the US Lacrosse Women's Division Coaches Council.  In order to be selected for the honor, the player must be a starter or significant contributor, carry a minimum of 50 percent of their course load in college preparatory courses of honor or advanced placement level, have a cumulative unweighted grade point average of 3.6 or higher, be a junior or senior in high school, and have made significant contributions to the school and/or community beyond participation on school athletic teams."

Updates of information (such as spellings of names or high schools) can be sent to  Questions concerning who is or is not included on the list should be addressed to US Lacrosse.

    Player (High School)
   Linsdey Pieper (Columbia)
   Laura Puccia (Shenendehowa)
   Kathryn Beeler (Holy Names)
   Katherine Maxwell (Holy Names)
   Alexandra Bailly (Holy Names)
   Becky Green (Guilderland)
   Liza Campbell (Emma Willard)
   Sarah Culp (Saratoga)
   Patricia Sutton (Saratoga)
   Stephanie Plis (Niskayuna)
   Beth Heightchew (Centennial)
   Cara Overholser (Centennial)
   Erika Via (Centennial)
   Jennifer Bachman (Holy Innocent)
   Annie van Beuningen (Holy Innocents' Episcopal School)
   Jennifer Bachman (Holy Innocents' Episcopal School)
   Ashley Brizendine (Lovett School)
   Kelly Voyces (Lovett School)
   Kristen Steenerson (Lovett School)
   Lindsey Ryerse (Lovett School)
   Meredith Conrad (Lovett School)
   Neely Odom (Lovett School)
   Taylor Pecora-Saipe (Lovett School)
   Jenny Pierce (Milton)
   Allison Dye (North Springs)
   Ann Moormann (North Springs)
   Margaret Price (South Cobb)
   Abbie Odom (Lovett School)
   Catherine Love (Westminster Schools)
   Laura Henson (Westminster Schools)
   Whitney Cesari (Westminster Schools)
   Bonnie Williams (Walton)
   Kathryn Abbott (Walton)
   Katie Poteat (Walton)
   Jessica Jackson (Wesleyan School)
   Katie Gallup (Wesleyan School)
   Molly Spratt (Woodward Academy)
   Whitney Dickerson (Woodward Academy)
Central Pennsylvania
   Jenna Vanaskie (Cocalico)
   Laura Unger (Cumberland Valley)
   Lauren Sturla (Ephrata)
   Jennifer Gemberling (Lewisburg Area)
   Beth Sterling (Lower Dauphin)
   Elizabeth Shank (Warwick)
   Megan Campbell (Annapolis Area Christian)
   Maureen Brady (Archbishop Spalding)
   Erin Love (Archbishop Spalding)
   Jen Rowan (Archbishop Spalding)
   Amy Konrad (Archbishop Spalding)
   Lizzy Bayley (Archbishop Spalding)
   Ashley Paschall (Archbishop Spalding)
   Caroline Coe (Broadneck)
   Ashley Zaleski (Broadneck)
   Allie Johnson (Broadneck)
   Brionna Ned (Severn School)
   Jessica Adam (Severn School)
   Alicia Zahn (Severna Park)
   Jenna Reich (Severna Park)
   Slicyn Brunnet (Severna Park)
   Erin Kennedy (Severna Park)
   Sam Price (Severna Park)
   Bridget Zingler (Severna Park)
   Zara Nematollahi (Severna Park)
   Sarah Carter (South River)
   Kimberly Pastrana (St. Mary's)
   Fallon McGraw (St. Mary's)
   Jenna Hubbard (St. Mary's)
   Julie Gladchuk (St. Mary's)
   Kelly Gonzalez (St. Mary's)
   Emily Lovett (Barrington)
   Sarah Ahmad (Barrington)
   Kate McGillem (Barrington)
   Elizabeth Gulotta (Barrington)
   Danielle Black (Evanstown Township)
   Amanda Brady (Evanstown Township)
   Zoe Corcoran (Evanstown Township)
   Amy Cordell (Evanstown Township)
   Emily Dangremond (Evanstown Township)
   Rebecca Engel (Evanstown Township)
   Lily Ferguson-Mahan (Evanstown Township)
   Betsy Giblin (Evanstown Township)
   Allison Marmolejo (Evanstown Township)
   Barrie Novak (Evanstown Township)
   Libby Rowe (Evanstown Township)
   Jean Rudnicki (Evanstown Township)
   Kate Schwartz (Evanstown Township)
   Chelsea Short (Evanstown Township)
   Jill Smolevitz (Evanstown Township)
   Stephanie Terao (Evanstown Township)
   Stephanie Coleman (Glenbrook South)
   Ashley Daniels (Glenbrook South)
   Eunice Kim (Glenbrook South)
   Katie Riddell (Glenbrook South)
   Marina Dedes (Glenbrook South)
   Alison Mayer (Glenbrook South)
   Amanda Wasiewslewski (Glenbrook South)
   Hilary Alley (Lake Forest)
   Natalie Kintz (Lake Forest)
   Emily Magnuson (Lake Forest)
   Erica Moschner (Lake Forest)
   Anna Swarthout (Lake Forest)
   Kathleen Turley (Lake Forest)
   Amy Babington (Loyola Academy)
   Christine Fitzsimons (Loyola Academy)
   Meaghan Finneke (Loyola Academy)
   Catherine Fox (Loyola Academy)
   Molly Malloy (Loyola Academy)
   Allison Morrow (Loyola Academy)
   Brittany van Roo (Loyola Academy)
   Christine Hanrahan (Loyola Academy)
   Lynn Merrill (Loyola Academy)
   Katie Valenti (Loyola Academy)
   Kirsten Forsberg (New Trier)
   Laura Lee (New Trier)
   Lindsay Brown (Air Academy)
   Meghan Murphy (Cherry Creek)
   Lauren McLaughlin (Cherry Creek)
   Callae Snively (Cherry Creek)
   Molly Tobin (Cherry Creek)
   Megan Grosz (Cherry Creek)
   Elizabeth Humes (Cherry Creek)
   Shelby Holiday (Cherry Creek)
   Kaelin Goulet (Colorado Academy)
   Ashley Shuyler (Colorado Academy)
   Erin Clough (Golden)
   Becky Barnes (Wheat Ridge)
   Holly Prehn (Wheat Ridge)
   Rebecca Foy (Brookfield)
   Lindsay Walters (Conard)
   Alexandra Hines (Convent of Sacred Heart)
   Katherine Farmer (Daniel Hand)
   Tara Schoen (Darien)
   Jody Grimm (Glastonbury)
   Lauren Barrett (Greens Farms)
   Avery Lovejoy (Greenwich)
   Emery Sweeney (Greenwich Academy)
   Anna Surdykowski (Hamden)
   Lisa McKenna (Hotchkiss)
   Ruth Hill (Loomis Chaffee)
   Anne Martyr (New Canaan)
   Katherine Simmons (Taft School)
   Genevieve Triganne (Westminster School)
   Katie Adams (Wilton)
   Sarah Brown (Brandywine)
   Julie Townsend (Brandywine)
   Amy Wisniewski (Brandywine)
   Jamie Zubrow (Brandywine)
   Erin Schonewolf (Caesar Rodney)
   Kathryn Sweeney (Caesar Rodney)
   Kristin Ward (Caesar Rodney)
   Jen Doorey (Concord)
   Katharine Bente (Sanford School)
   Brooke Farquhar (St. Andrew's School)
   Margaret Farland (St. Andrew's School)
   Cynthia Frezzo (Tatnall School)
   Emily Cleare (Tatnall School)
   Jennifer Kane (Tatnall School)
   Hillary Axon (Tower Hill School)
   Blair Hewes (Tower Hill School)
   Suzanne Johnson (Tower Hill School)
   Lauren McCrery (Tower Hill School)
   Elizabeth Pierce (Tower Hill School)
   Lane Earnst (Easton)
   Carly Layfield (James M. Bennett)
   Elizabeth Dolan (James M. Bennett)
   Megan Lee Williams (James M. Bennett)
   Khristina Money (Queen Anne's County)
   Alexandra Hostetter (Sts. Peter & Paul)
Eastern Massachusetts
   Allison Katz-Mayfield (Brookline)
   Deborah Meisel (Brookline)
   Rebecca Auerbach (Brookline)
   Kaylan Tildsley (Brooks School)
   Elizabeth Spence (Concord Academy)
   Whitney Leonard (Concord Academy)
   Virginia Woolworth (Groton School)
   Kristine Corkum (Ipswich)
   Kimberly Reny (Marblehead)
   Liza Reynolds (Martha's Vineyard)
   Olivia Lew (Martha's Vineyard)
   Casey Littlefield (Middlesex School)
   Amy McGee (Tyngsboro)
Eastern Pennsylvania
   Allison Pickens (Agnes Irwin)
   Lauren Hanna (Agnes Irwin)
   Joanna Johnston (Agnes Irwin)
   Aimee Gelinas (Agnes Irwin)
   Colleen Ingelsby (Archbishop Carroll)
   Lauren Coll (Archbishop Carroll)
   Heather Ferguson (Archbishop Carroll)
   Lindsey Ferguson (Archbishop Carroll)
   Meredith Lucey (Archbishop Carroll)
   Adrienne Dilella (Archbishop Carroll)
   Nicole Stenken (C.B. West)
   Kristi Funderburk (C.B. West)
   Lindsey Tifft (Conestoga)
   Caroline Madrak (Conestoga)
   Maggie Roth (Conestoga)
   Colleen Tucker (Conestoga)
   Rebecca Tulchin (Downingtown)
   Courtney Devlin (Downingtown)
   Beth Jensen (Germantown Academy)
   Jessica Dwinell (Germantown Academy)
   Jullian Baron (Germantown Academy)
   Julia McWilliams (Haverford)
   Kerry Costello (Haverford)
   Allison Bradley (Haverford)
   Chrissy Miller (Mt. St. Joseph)
   Stefanie Paternostro (Plymouth Whitemarsh)
   Amanda Harper (Plymouth Whitemarsh)
   Kalli Bass (Plymouth Whitemarsh)
   Kara Tammany (Plymouth Whitemarsh)
   Roxanne Monte (Plymouth Whitemarsh)
   Caitlyn Muldoon (Plymouth Whitemarsh)
   Patty Piotrowicz (Plymouth Whitemarsh)
   Kim Magrann (Plymouth Whitemarsh)
   Caroline Muldoon (Plymouth Whitemarsh)
   Kristin Hopson (Radnor)
   Michele Menser (Radnor)
   Libby Gill (Radnor)
   Laura Lindsay (Radnor)
   Sarah Hudak (Souderton)
   Cailin Collins (Souderton)
   Ashley Kraybill (Souderton)
   Val Houseal (Souderton)
   Laura Houseal (Souderton)
   Allie Houseal (Souderton)
   Kendra James (Springford)
   Jenna Hoffman (Springford)
   Laura Gillespie (Springford)
   Lauren Raudenbus (Springford)
   Jena Staley (Springford)
   Erynn Andrews (Springside)
   Jessica Gigliotti (Unionville)
   Lindsay Ruderman (Unionville)
   Jenna Gordish (Upper Moreland)
   Justine Schroeder (Upper Moreland)
   Jonelle Hedrick (Upper Moreland)
   Lauren Bernard (Upper Moreland)
   Sam Brandolini (Villa Maria Academy)
   Liz Pinnie (Villa Maria Academy)
   Megan Griffit (Villa Maria Academy)
   Kristen Sproat (Villa Maria Academy)
   Bridget Galli (Villa Maria Academy)
   Deirdre McShea (Villa Maria Academy)
   Kristen Wiedersum (Villa Maria Academy)
   Sarah Latta (W.C. Henderson)
Greater Baltimore
   Lauren Dudley (Bryn Mawr)
   Laura Koehler (Bryn Mawr)
   Jennifer Redd (Bryn Mawr)
   Anne-Marie Sattler (Catholic High )
   Claire Cunniff (Catonsville)
   Shannon Brushe (Catonsville)
   Ashley Benitez (Century)
   Kelly Kasper (Century)
   Lauren Schwarzmann (Century)
   Kresina Browning (Fallston)
   Stacie Hyson (Francis Scott Key)
   Shelley Six (Francis Scott Key)
   Lynn Raab (Francis Scott Key)
   Lindsey Keller (Francis Scott Key)
   Joy Page (Francis Scott Key)
   Caitlin Garman (Friends)
   Caroline Garriott (Friends)
   Heather Licht (Hereford)
   Mollie Reese (Hereford)
   Meghan Blume (John Carroll)
   Katie Chlada (John Carroll)
   Megan Slosson (Maryvale)
   Molly Grace (Mount de Sales Academy)
   Kristen Waagbo (Mount Hebron)
   Laura Cipro (Mount Hebron)
   Renee' Cipro (Mount Hebron)
   Britt Faulkner (Mount Hebron)
   Ali Lemons (Mount Hebron)
   Alexandra Gangler (Notre Dame Prep)
   Jenny Cooper (Park School)
   Lindsay Eisenberg (Pikesville)
   Ashley Dent (Roland Park Country)
   Meg Ferguson (Roland Park Country)
   Molly Frew (Roland Park Country)
   Linsey Shea (Seton Keough)
   Angie Martin (Seton Keough)
   Bridget Gambino (Seton Keough)
   Beth Capelle (Seton Keough)
   Katie Brupbacher (Seton Keough)
   Corinne Smith (Urbana)
   Jessica Sardella (Urbana)
   Kristen Blough (Urbana)
   Katrina Lishack (Walkersville)
Hudson Valley
   Jacquelyn Abbatano (Harrison)
   Alison Rogers (Lakeland/Panas)
   Molly Aufiero (Nanuet)
   Emily DuBreuil (Nanuet)
   Lauren Jasinski (Nanuet)
   Lauren Drepanis (Nanuet)
   Brianne Kennedy (North Rockland)
   Anne Marie Harley (North Rockland)
   Laura Brechbiel (North Rockland)
   Nicole Riddle (North Rockland)
   Chai Hoang (North Rockland)
   Elizabeth Stein (North Rockland)
   Janice Thomas (Nyack)
   Anu Kaduvettoor (Nyack)
   Trissa Therien (Nyack)
   Emily Aune (Nyack)
   Pooja Bendola (Nyack)
   Monica Calungcagin (Nyack)
   Elizabeth Wise (Scarsdale)
   Alexandra Roth (Scarsdale)
   Meredith St. Lawrence (Suffern)
   Julia Foote (Suffern)
   Chrysa Gumbs (Suffern)
   Jennifer Rhodes (White Plains)
   Jackie Halas (White Plains)
   Samantha Grasso (White Plains)
   Ginna Binford (White Plains)
   Tamiko Younge (White Plains)
   Tiffany Dorff (Carmel)
   Colby Wilson (Carmel)
   Emily Lammers (Carmel)
   Jessie Wild (Carmel)
   Megan Brooks (Carmel)
   Colleen McCloughan (Carmel)
   Catherine Mersereau (Carmel)
   Ellen Dreyer (Cathedral)
   Rachel Stroude (Cathedral)
   Emily Ward (Cathedral)
   Katie Obsitnik (Cathedral)
   Angela Ripani (North Central)
   Emily Koch (North Central)
   Anne Johnson (Park Tudor)
   Caroline Goodman (Park Tudor)
   Cari Pearson (Park Tudor)
   Hilary Gardner (Park Tudor)
   Kelly Dunn (Park Tudor)
   Sarah Renkins (Park Tudor)
   Heather Ransdell (Zionsville)
   Stephanie Kessel (Zionsville)
Long Island Metro
   Laura Cavallo (Bay Shore)
   Laura Watson (Bethpage)
   Joanna Sieben (Bethpage)
   Kristen Schreiner (Bethpage)
   Kristi Muller (Bethpage)
   Kaitlin Bielo (Bethpage)
   Lauren Donnelly (Calhoun)
   Kim Kozwlowski (Calhoun)
   Kristin Papu (Comsewogue)
   Emily Ward (East Hampton)
   Emily Raebuck (East Hampton)
   Briana Virga (East Hampton)
   Kara Virga (East Hampton)
   Amanda Cheung (Farmingdale)
   Caitlin Drumm (Friends Academy)
   Erin Walters (Garden City)
   Katie Boshko (Huntington)
   Chelsea Kocis (Huntington)
   Heather Schondebare (Huntington)
   Stephanie Gallucci (Islip)
   Jannelle Layne (Islip)
   Heather Bottmund (Islip)
   Tanielle Clouden (Islip)
   Colleen Ferry (Islip)
   Erin Davies (Islip)
   Juliet White (Manhasset)
   Arianna Parasco (Manhasset)
   Lauren Taylor (Manhasset)
   Kara Fischer (Miller Place)
   Donna Alfieri (Miller Place)
   Ashley Jermosyte (Miller Place)
   Hannah Kuemmel (Miller Place)
   Lauren Remteus (Miller Place)
   Rachel McCullough (North Shore)
   Caroline Ogilvy (North Shore)
   Justine Burr (Northport)
   Christina Buttle (Northport)
   Kristen Hordy (Northport)
   Alexandra Mount (Northport)
   Christina D'Angelo (Northport)
   Shelby Cohen (Oceanside)
   Jacqueline Hehir (Paul D Schreiber)
   Andrea Lagala (Rocky Point)
   Jenelle Spatarella (Rocky Point)
   Grace Ann Monjardo (Rocky Point)
   Krista Bienkowski (Seaford)
   Madeline Hooeg (Shoreham-Wading River)
   Nicole Iacono (Smithtown)
   Amanda Towey (Smithtown)
   Rebecca Searing (Southampton)
   Ann Marie Mangano (Southampton)
   Mikaela Fein (Southampton)
   Caitlin McQuilling (Stony Brook School)
   Natalia Oyola (Stony Brook School)
   Carolyn Bilodeau (Stony Brook School)
   Katie Gaetano (Stony Brook School)
   Samantha Ralph (Stony Brook School)
   Lisa DeGregoris (Syosset)
   Kristin Bierbauer (Walt Whitman)
   Danielle Forland (Walt Whitman)
   Nicole Falcone (Walt Whitman)
   Kim Wathey (Walt Whitman)
   Megan Dempsey (Westhampton Beach)
   Patrice Covino (Westhampton Beach)
   Alicia Frenette (Bonny Eagle )
   Janet Mosley (Bonny Eagle )
   Anne Richardson (Bonny Eagle )
   Katherine St. Onge (Bonny Eagle )
   Grace Demchak (Brunswick)
   Kathryn Hartzell (Brunswick)
   Abigail Isaacson (Brunswick)
   Heidi Mills (Brunswick)
   Emily Cole (Cape Elizabeth)
   Hillary Weimont (Cape Elizabeth)
   Cary Gemmer (Deering)
   Sarah Elizabeth Sweatt (Deering)
   Nicole Crane (Freeport)
   Caitlin Gerber (Freeport)
   Jessica Harold (Freeport)
   Amy Rowe (Freeport)
   Abby Chapman (Greely )
   Emily Parker (Greely )
   Stephanie Hearn (Kennebunk )
   Erika Furtado (McAuley )
   Gulia Muca (McAuley )
   Emmie Theberge (Mt. Ararat )
   Roberta Dennison (North Yarmouth Academy)
   Lindsey P. Coit (South Portland )
   Amanda McGeachey (Thornton Academy)
   Katherine Armstrong (Waynflete School)
   Courtney Drake (Waynflete School)
   Genevieve Dubuque (Waynflete School)
   Greta Flaherty (Waynflete School)
   Hannah Underdahl (Waynflete School)
   Heather Sands (Westbrook )
   Amanda Armenti (Acad. of the Sacred Heart)
   Jackie Studenski (Acad. of the Sacred Heart)
   Alexis Lobodocky (Acad. of the Sacred Heart)
   Alexandra Kishner (Ann Arbor Huron)
   Michelle Honscher (Ann Arbor Pioneer)
   Abigail Nurse (Ann Arbor Pioneer)
   Leigh Bauman (Ann Arbor Pioneer)
   Lauren Swartout (Ann Arbor Pioneer)
   Kristen Metzger (Ann Arbor Pioneer)
   Courtney Elliott (Ann Arbor Pioneer)
   Susie Johnston (Birmingham Seaholm)
   Julia Massaro (Birmingham Seaholm)
   Mary Avendt (Brighton)
   Katherine Trodiosic (Cranbrook Kingswood)
   Becky Manning (Cranbrook Kingswood)
   Alicia Freeze (Cranbrook Kingswood)
   Julia Kramer (Cranbrook Kingswood)
   Kathryn Blake (Cranbrook Kingswood)
   Pia Desai (Detroit Country Day)
   Nicole Kizy (Detroit Country Day)
   Sindhura Kodali (Detroit Country Day)
   Raini Vachhani (Detroit Country Day)
   Amanda Zaitchik (Detroit Country Day)
   Mallory Seide (Grand Blanc)
   Natalie Pipahl (Grand Blanc)
   Heather Gorman (Grand Blanc)
   Kristin Inger (Grosse Pointe South)
   Sunny Jefferies (Grosse Pointe South)
   Anna Millich (Grosse Pointe South)
   Casey Scavone (Grosse Pointe South)
   Jacqueline VanderMale (Grosse Pointe South)
   Allison Ambrozy (Grosse Pointe South)
   Caroline Schmidt (Marian)
   Stephanie Ross (Marian)
   Laura Ritter (Marian)
   Meghan Hurt (Marian)
   Katie Feskorn (South Lyon)
   Natalie Golaszewski (South Lyon)
   Kelly Hatch (South Lyon)
   Stacey Dahlgren (South Lyon)
   Natalie Iturralde (South Lyon)
   Tara Usakoski (University Ligget)
   Jennifer Hutchinson (University Ligget)
   Joanna Miller (University Ligget)
   Mariya Connors (Blake)
   Celia Boren (Blake)
   Alison Spencer (Blake)
   Lauren Taylor (Blake)
   Federica von Euw (Blake)
   Jessica Moss (Blake)
   Elizabeth MacFarlane (Blake)
   Laura Mandile (Blake)
   Rachel Durst (Chaska)
   Sarah Trent (Chaska)
   Melissa Wenck (Eden Prairie)
   Mindy Truitt (Eden Prairie)
   Laura Priddy (Eden Prairie)
   Ashley Peterson (Eden Prairie)
   Allison Lee (Eden Prairie)
   Brittni Kuyper (Eden Prairie)
   Kim Hoosier (Eden Prairie)
   Emily Hill (Eden Prairie)
   Laura Hertzog (Eden Prairie)
   Katelyn Benson (Eden Prairie)
   Kelly Hansen (Hastings)
   Madelyn Steen (Hopkins)
   Jenna Skalitsky (Hopkins)
   Tara Schneider (Hopkins)
   Amanda Schwartz (Hopkins)
   Kathryn Knippenberg (Hopkins)
   Jaqui Taylor (Hopkins)
   Halley Weiner (Hopkins)
   Alana Kalin (Hopkins)
   Kate Linge (Hopkins)
   Lindsey Lyford (Roseville Area)
   Kim Dang (Roseville Area)
   Catherine Chu (Roseville Area)
   Maureen Penning (Roseville Area)
New Hampshire
   Michelle Stebbins (Bow)
   Jamy Borbidge (Bow)
   Debra Shirk (Bow)
   Kristen Morris (Bow)
   Kristin Laboe (Bow)
   Koryn Gatta (Brewster Academy)
   Carissa Vilders (Brewster Academy)
   Laura Bozzuto (Brookline)
   Hannah Meyer (Concord)
   Maura Cassell (Concord)
   Jessica Erickson (Concord)
   Julie Berman (Concord)
   Emily Gilbert (Concord)
   Lyndsey Colburn (Concord)
   Kara Marquis (Concord)
   Briana Spence (Hollis Brookline)
   Jacki Sherry (Pinkerton Academy)
   Jamie Ruhmshottel (Pinkerton Academy)
   Ellie-Gilgan Tilstone (Souhegan)
   Ashley Conti (Souhegan)
   Steffanie Bristol (Souhegan)
New Jersey
   Elizabeth Martyn (Bridgewater-Raritan)
   Bernadette Campbell (Cinnaminson)
   Alexander Schmidt (East Brunswick)
   Lauren Pernick (East Brunswick)
   Michelle Berson (East Brunswick)
   Rachel Dawson (Eastern)
   Brighid Porter (Holy Cross)
   Megan Figueroa (Holy Cross)
   Stacy Spezzano (Holy Cross)
   Kelly Mulligan (Immaculata)
   Christina Calabrese (Immaculata)
   Emily Gladden (Lawrenceville)
   Katie Lewis-Lamonica (Lawrenceville)
   Catherine Lee (Morristown)
   Julia Sweeney (Mountain Lakes)
   Christine Dobrosky (Mountain Lakes)
   Kay Dyt (Mountain Lakes)
   Rebecca Wall (Mountain Lakes)
   Kristen McWilliams (Mountain Lakes)
   Colleen Sampson (Mountain Lakes)
   Whitney Douthett (Peddie)
   Katherine Peetz (Peddie)
   Andrea Duggan (Peddie)
   Emily Palilonis (Peddie)
   Laura Giusto (Peddie)
   Alyssa Briody (Princeton Day)
   Molly Jamieson (Princeton Day)
   Shannon Mullen (Ridgewood)
   Ashley Amo (Ridgewood)
   Justine Lupo (Ridgewood)
   Kim Walker (Ridgewood)
   Elizabeth Gamble (Summit)
   Mandy Corry (West Essex)
   Kerry Kelly (West Essex)
   Megan Ellis (West Essex)
   Margaret Aevy (West Essex)
   Kaitlin DeTroia (West Essex)
   Margot Ellis (West Essex)
   Jessica Piccioto (West Essex)
   Christine LaVallo (West Essex)
   Hilary Hartman (West Essex)
   Toni-Anne Cavallo (West Essex)
   Maxine Braunstein (West Essex)
North Carolina
   Alana Vaughn (Apex)
   Amanda Stoltman (Cardinal Gibbons)
   Beth Felder (Cardinal Gibbons)
   Stephanie Sorensen (Cardinal Gibbons)
   Rebecca Blackwell (Chapel Hill)
   Allison L. Everhardt (Grimsley)
   Megan Dickerson (Western Guilford)
Northern California
   Kelly Havens (Berkeley)
   Meredith Gaber (Berkeley)
   Cristen Andrews (Foothill)
   Katie McMahon (Foothill)
   Nicole Schmidt (Foothill)
   Amadea Britton (Gunn)
   Angela Nguyen (Leland)
   Denise Yee (Leland)
   Nina Desai (Leland)
   Chrissy Guibara (Menlo School)
   Eva Alden (Menlo School)
   Karen Tkach (Menlo School)
   Becky McKibben (Santa Catalina School)
   Erin Bauer (Santa Catalina School)
   Janis Foo (SF University)
   Julia Burrill (SF University)
   Amy Murphy (St. Ignatius College Prep)
   Gina Conti (St. Ignatius College Prep)
   Lauren Kutzscher (St. Ignatius College Prep)
   Allison Rueckl (Stevenson School)
   Katie Simpkins (Stevenson School)
Pittsburgh - Western Pennsylvania
   Allyson Pishko (Franklin Regional)
   Anna Kerr (Franklin Regional)
   Carley Matanin (Franklin Regional)
   Ellen Paulisick (Franklin Regional)
   Jacqueline Scott (Franklin Regional)
   Kaitlin Vangura (Franklin Regional)
   Rebecka Hendricks (Franklin Regional)
   Ashley Brooke Hamilton (Morgantown)
   Ashley O'Keefe (Morgantown)
   Heidi Allen (Morgantown)
   Jennifer Lorenze (Morgantown)
   Katy Hildebrand (Morgantown)
   Kayleigh Burner (Morgantown)
   Alissa Burger (Mt. Lebanon)
   Michelle Santoro (Mt. Lebanon)
   Sarah Szefi (Mt. Lebanon)
   Sarah Szefi (Mt. Lebanon)
   Elizabeth Ryan (North Allegheny)
   Gloria Brashear (Oakland Catholic)
   Elizabeth Telep (Quaker Valley)
   Bridget Bowes (Seton-LaSalle)
   Karen O'Keefe (Seton-LaSalle)
   Kim Dears (Seton-LaSalle)
   Astrid Layton (Taylor Allderdice)
   Deena Shatten (Taylor Allderdice)
   Julia Green (Taylor Allderdice)
   Lorrie Kiger (Ellis School)
   Shellie Handlesman (Ellis School)
   Stephanie Corey (Ellis School)
   Bella Liu (Winchester Thurston)
   Callie Gropp (Winchester Thurston)
   Elizabeth Schroeder (Winchester Thurston)
   Sydney Rooney (Winchester Thurston)
Rhode Island
   Bailey O'Donnell (Barrington)
   Perry Barlow (Barrington)
   Meredith Roberts (Lincoln)
   Raewyn Kelley (Lincoln)
   Bay Hudner (Moses Brown)
   Meghan Fredette (North Kingstown)
   Meaghan Krupa (Portsmouth)
South Carolina
   Erin Burke (Hilton Head)
   Jennifer Rice (Ridge View)
South Florida
   Jill Zoboroski (JP Taravella)
   Lucy Feyrer (JP Taravella)
   Samantha Feldman (Pine Crest)
   Paula Tallman (Pine Crest)
   Amy Podolsky (Pine Crest)
   Randi Goldman (St. Andrew's)
   Courtney Blake (St. Edward's)
   Julia Ludwig (St. Edward's)
   Jennifer Moyer (St. Thomas Aquinas)
   Alexandra Weissman (Vero Beach)
   Elizabeth Presley (Vero Beach)
   Sarah Wilson (Vero Beach)
   Susan Lohuis (Vero Beach)
   Lauren Baxter (Wellington)
   Ashley Reyka (Wellington)
   Christine Hess (Wellington)
   Kelly McGregor (Wellington)
Southern Ohio
   Abby Poplis (Mariemont)
   Carrie Badanes (Mariemont)
   Elizabeth Kauffmann (Mariemont)
   Emily Lapoint (Mariemont)
   Elizabeth Moller (St. Ursula Academy)
   Kristen Hill (St. Ursula Academy)
   Lindsay Saelinger (St. Ursula Academy)
   Meagen Horn (St. Ursula Academy)
   Melanie Burke (St. Ursula Academy)
   Sarah Cassedy (St. Ursula Academy)
   Ashley Taylor (Ursuline Academy)
   Megan McMahon (Ursuline Academy)
   Meredith McDonald (Ursuline Academy)
   Nina Ginocchio (Ursuline Academy)
   Stephanie Fox (Ursuline Academy)
St. Louis-Missouri
   Anna Read (Hickman)
   Maria Kaylen (Hickman)
   Katie Murphy (Hickman)
   Elise Peterson (Hickman)
   Joanne McMurry (Hickman)
   Kathryn Niemeyer (John Burroughs)
   Julie Huang (John Burroughs)
   Michelle Gayle Feit (Ladue)
   Kim Mulherin (Lafayette)
   Emily Valenta (Lafayette)
   Katie Zalasky (Lafayette)
   Annie Hafferneffer (MICDS)
   Bretlyn Curtis (MICDS)
   Laura Kupper (MICDS)
   Ashley Sewell (MICDS)
   Erin Gaebe (MICDS)
   Katie Price (MICDS)
   Cindy Arnad (Nerinx Hall)
   Anne Krauss (Nerinx Hall)
   Kim Connors (Nerinx Hall)
   Lauren Wierschern (Nerinx Hall)
   Brittany Polle (Nerinx Hall)
   Abby Schamel (Nerinx Hall)
   Anne Herleth (Nerinx Hall)
   Katie Kloeckner (Nerinx Hall)
   Kelli Baker (Parkway South)
   Katy Harrell (Parkway South)
   Stasha Heffington (Parkway South)
   Michelle Longoria (Parkway South)
   Kristine Loomis (Parkway South)
   Danielle Richterkessing (Parkway South)
   Heidi Mundie (Parkway South)
   Stacie Zellin (Parkway South)
   Alice Tipton (Parkway South)
   Maggie Cantwell (Parkway West)
   Rachel Zigler (Parkway West)
   Naomi Dickerson (Rock Bridge)
   Kayta Brady (Rock Bridge)
   Susie Park-Sutherland (Rock Bridge)
   Michelle Eads (St. Joseph's Academy)
   Christine Snively (St. Joseph's Academy)
   Anne Genovese (St. Joseph's Academy)
   Maggie Genovese (St. Joseph's Academy)
   Kate Rippe (St. Joseph's Academy)
   Amie Foster (Triad)
   Jessica Deutsch (Ursuline Academy)
   Erin Meyer (Ursuline Academy)
   Elizabeth Robinson (Villa Duchesne)
   Lauren Thum (Villa Duchesne)
   Colleen Purcell (Villa Duchesne)
   Samantha Ansley (Carroll)
   Beth Arnold (Carroll)
   Haley Robison (Carroll)
   Danielle Ebelt (Cy-Fair)
   Caitlin Erickson (Cy-Fair)
   Emily Staff (Cy-Fair)
   Stephanie Zisk (Episcopal-Dallas)
   Lauren McLaughlin (Episcopal-Houston)
   Elizabeth Tyson (Episcopal-Houston)
   Lauren Wojnar (Episcopal-Houston)
   Anneka Anand (Hockaday School)
   Jeannie Blair (Hockaday School)
   Alex Brooks (Hockaday School)
   Katharine Brooks (Hockaday School)
   Katie Escoto (Hockaday School)
   Stephanie Hanson (Hockaday School)
   Sarah Kirchhofer (Hockaday School)
   Megan McClain (Hockaday School)
   Devon Rudberg (Hockaday School)
   Abby Tice (Hockaday School)
   Tracey Fite (Kinkaid)
   Elizabeth Heaney (Kinkaid)
   Elizabeth Spradling (Kinkaid)
   Anna Johnson (Lamar)
   Victoria Williams (Lamar)
   Diana Ebanks (Memorial)
   Karen Grabowski (Memorial)
   Laura Donnelly (St. John's)
   Emily Pownall (St. John's)
   Jennifer Robinson (St. John's)
   Kara Smith (St. John's)
   Lisa Raines (Stratford)
   Jessica Myers (Woodlands)
Upstate New York
   Deanna Feocco (Auburn)
   Leanne Musso (Auburn)
   Megan Byrne (Auburn)
   Tera Tinti (Auburn)
   Jessica Bill (Baldwinsville)
   Katie Neer (Baldwinsville)
   Rachel Stahl (Baldwinsville)
   Robin Mason (Baldwinsville)
   Erica LaGrow (Christian Brothers Acadamy)
   Leana Doherty (Christian Brothers Acadamy)
   Danielle Sicignano (Corcoran)
   Katie Glavin (Corcoran)
   Mary Montague (Corcoran)
   Ramona Walter (Corcoran)
   Stephanie Kowell (Corcoran)
   Erica Krisak (East Syracuse Minoa)
   Kathleen Fontana (East Syracuse Minoa)
   Elena Bassett (Fayetteville-Manlius)
   Elisabeth Christie (Fayetteville-Manlius)
   Emily Dutch (Fayetteville-Manlius)
   Megan Dutch (Fayetteville-Manlius)
   Leah Giffin (Fayetteville-Manlius)
   Megan Ebbrecht (General Brown)
   Renee Danega (General Brown)
   Elizabeth Acee (Henninger)
   Courtney Hastrich (Horseheads)
   Katie Princiotto (Horseheads)
   Kristen Rathbun (Horseheads)
   Kristin Kawzenuk (Horseheads)
   Caitlin Clark (Jamesville deWitt)
   Carrie Jennis (Liverpool)
   Casey Hennigan (Liverpool)
   Catherine Barry (Liverpool)
   Elizabeth Skinner (Liverpool)
   Erin Duffy (Liverpool)
   Jennifer Fletcher (Liverpool)
   Jessica Vandermeulen (Liverpool)
   Katie vanHorne (Liverpool)
   Michelle Callen (Liverpool)
   Sarah Spillett (Liverpool)
   Stacey Guenthner (Marcellus)
   Breanna Haggerty (Skaneateles)
   Carolyn Davis (Skaneateles)
   Cassidy Callahan (Skaneateles)
   Hekie Bodwitch (Skaneateles)
   Kaitlin Nangle (Skaneateles)
   Lauren Vitkus (Skaneateles)
   Lindsay Pittard (Skaneateles)
   Brandy Seegars (Watertown)
   Julianna Gibson (Watertown)
   Lindsay Hagemann (Watertown)
   Colleen O'hara (West Genesee)
   Eileen Gagnon (West Genesee)
   Jacquie Griffin (West Genesee)
   Julie Fabrizio (West Genesee)
   Kelly Duffy (West Genesee)
   Kelly Nelson (West Genesee)
   Kendall Tupper (West Genesee)
   Lindsey Moore (West Genesee)
   Jennifer Swanda (Burr and Burton Academy)
   Abby Rountree (Burr and Burton Academy)
   Melissa Flanagan (Burr and Burton Academy)
   Autumn Stamback (Burr and Burton Academy)
   Casslyn Montemagni (Burr and Burton Academy)
   Meredith Holmberg (Champlain Valley Union )
   Lauren Hayden (Champlain Valley Union )
   Kate Phillips (Champlain Valley Union )
   Hillary Anderson (Champlain Valley Union )
   Ashley Smith (Chelsea )
   Rebecca Mulligan (Chelsea )
   Jocelyn Fern (Middlebury Union )
   Michelle Patriquin (Middlebury Union )
   Betsy Toppin (Mill River Union )
   Molly Carr (Mill River Union )
   Hannah Watson (Mount Anthony Union )
   Astrid Kutzer (Mount Anthony Union )
   Catherine Stevenson (Mount Anthony Union )
   Katya E. Outwater (Mount Anthony Union )
   Emma Dunn (South Burlington)
   Kelley Zwart (Rockbridge County)
   Jessica Weaver (Western Albemarle)
   Ashby Leavell (Western Albemarle)
   Lindsay Gaesser (Western Albemarle)
   Elizabeth Mullen (Western Albemarle)
   Lindsay Davis (Albemarle)
   Alyssa Spekman (St. Anne's Belfield)
   Andrea Bassett (Bellevue)
   Brittany Deal (Bellevue)
   Karras Fletcher (Bellevue)
   Rachel Jenkins (Bellevue)
   Christine Jones (Forest Ridge School)
   Kate Phillips (Forest Ridge School)
   Leslie Walker (Forest Ridge School)
   Liz Voeller (Forest Ridge School)
   Tricia Howard (Holy Names Academy)
   Cori Johnson (Klahowya)
   Allison Ankrom (Mercer Island)
   Brittany Glant (Mercer Island)
   Carrie Philbrick (Mercer Island)
   Christina Calderon (Mercer Island)
   Elizabeth Stein (Mercer Island)
   Jessica Edris (Mercer Island)
   Kristen Kirkby (Mercer Island)
   Madaline McKee (Mercer Island)
   Rebecca Israel (Mercer Island)
   Samantha Hannel (Mercer Island)
   Sarah Utzschnieder (Mercer Island)
   Stacey Trumble (Mercer Island)
   Tara McTavish (Mercer Island)
   Havala Holmes (North Kitsap)
Western New York
   Kistina Raab (Amherst)
   Mimi Hong (Amherst)
   Jeni Gammell (Amherst)
   Lauren Brand (Amherst)
   Joanna Batt (Amherst)
   Jill Pace (Amherst)
   Leah Reidy (Buffalo Seminary)
   Lisa Niswander (Buffalo Seminary)
   Christine George (Clarence)
   Jessica Parezzo (Clarence)
   Kelly Pilarski (Clarence)
   Emily Pulli (Clarence)
   Mallory Zelawski (Clarence)
   Jessica Schutrum (East Aurora)
   Jessica McArdle (Lancaster)
   Jessica Jones (Lancaster)
   Tiffany Henry (Niagara Wheatfield)
   Rebecca Stocchetti (Williamsville North)

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