Nearly 1,700 girls' lacrosse players who excel in the classroom and on the playing field have been named to the 2005 US Lacrosse Women's Division High School Academic All-America team.  Players selected for the honor must have a minimum grade point average of 3.6 or higher, have taken a minimum of 50 percent of college preparatory classes at an honors or AP level, be a starter of key reserve, and be a junior or senior.

Corrections/updates to this list should be sent to both LaxPower and US Lacrosse.  Questions concerning who is or is not included on the list should be addressed to US Lacrosse, the organization that bestows these awards.  You can read more about the selection process at the USL web site.

   Player, Position (Hometown/High School) — College/PG or Class
   Booth, Emily — (Niskayuna, NY/Niskayuna, NY)
   Buttimer, Lauren — (NY/Shenendehowa, NY)
   Cappola, Kelly — (NY/Scotia, NY)
   Carmola, Inneke — (NY/Scotia, NY)
   Hughes, Kelly — (NY/Bethlehem Central, NY)
   Jarem, Olivia — (NY/Shenendahowa, NY)
   McNamara, Kristen — (Albany Academy for Girls, NY)
   McNamara, Megan — (Albany Academy for Girls, NY)
   Moran, Danielle — (Scotia, NY)
   Morris, Kimberly — (Saratoga Springs, NY)
   Pieper, Kelsey — (Columbia, NY)
   Rowan, Katie — (Bethlehem Central, NY)
   Sharp, Alicia — (Shaker, NY)
   Shim, Jien — (Emma Willard, NY)
   Shin, Jin Sup — (Emma Willard, NY)
   Sussman, Abigail — (Emma Willard, NY)
   Szelest, Emily — (Bethlehem Central, NY)
   Taylor, Monica — (Emma Willard, NY)
   Teixeira, Nicole — (Scotia-Glenville, NY)
   Vonk, Shannon — (Niskayuna, NY)
Central Pennsylvania
   Drexel, Keri — (Pequea, PA/Penn Manor, PA)
   Goodspeed, Morgan — (Hummelstown, PA/Hershey, PA)
   Ross, Nikki — (Lancaster, PA/Lancaster Country Day, PA)
   Megargel, Anne — (St. Anne's-Belfield School, VA)
   Pan, Janet — (VA/Western Albemarle, VA)
   Appel, Jessica — (Spalding, MD)
   Appel, Lynn — (Spalding, MD)
   Bertrand, Alexandra — (St. Mary's, MD)
   Burke, Liz — (Severna Park, MD)
   Carr, Christian — (St. Mary's, MD)
   Darrow, Samantha — (Spalding, MD)
   DiGirolomo, Trish — (Spalding, MD)
   Durham, Caroline — (Chesapeake, MD)
   Ensley, Danielle — (Severna Park, MD)
   Ferris, Kelsey — (Severna Park, MD)
   Flury, Ali — (Broadneck, MD)
   Ford, Laura — (St. Mary's, MD)
   Frank, Allie — (Severn, MD)
   Gardner, Tara — (Severna Park, MD)
   Gaudreau, Kelly — (St. Mary's, MD)
   Hargadon, Caitlin — (Spalding, MD)
   Heisterman, Jessie — (Broadneck, MD)
   Jendrossek, Megan — (Spalding, MD)
   Johnson, Kara — (Spalding, MD)
   Jones, Melinda — (St. Mary's, MD)
   Jorden, Irene — (South River, MD)
   Kimberly, Morgan — (Broadneck, MD)
   Kirk, Katie — (Spalding, MD)
   Kral, Kim — (Severna Park, MD)
   Kuntz, Alexandra — (St. Mary's, MD)
   Liberto, Jessica — (St. Mary's, MD)
   Mayer, Kristine — (Spalding, MD)
   Meisenberg, Sarah — (Severn, MD)
   Milligan, Kristen — (Chesapeake, MD)
   Monaghan, Katie — (Spalding, MD)
   Newton, Meredith — (Severna Park, MD)
   Noon, Bridget — (St. Mary's, MD)
   Owen, Josie — (Severn, MD)
   Proch, Jacqueline — (St. Mary's, MD)
   Roth, Christine — (Spalding, MD)
   Ruttum, Mary — (St. Mary's, MD)
   Schrum, Samantha — (St. Mary's, MD)
   Schwer, Melanie — (South River, MD)
   Sheils, Lauren — (Spalding, MD)
   Spinnenweber, Amanda — (Chesapeake, MD)
   Thomas, Hallie — (Chesapeake, MD)
   Trainor, Alice — (Spalding, MD)
   Adreani, Megan — (Glenbrook North, IL)
   Botica, Faith — (New Trier, IL)
   Breen, Alana — (Oak Park River Forest, IL)
   Buchowicz, Bryce — (Oak Park River Forest, IL)
   Burns, Amanda — (Oak Park River Forest, IL)
   Carpenter, Claire — (Hinsdale Central, IL)
   Casey, Mary Kate — (Loyola Academy, IL)
   Cleveland, Jesse — (Evanston Towship, IL)
   Darragh, Hillary — (Evanston Township, IL)
   Dean, Courtney — (Neuqua Valley, IL)
   Degnan, Jennifer — (Regina Dominican, IL)
   Delaney, Annie — (Loyola Academy, IL)
   Digan, Kaitlin — (Loyola Academy, IL)
   Esbrook, Leslie — (Glenbrook North, IL)
   Feinberg, Rachel — (Lake Forest, IL)
   Hama, Junko — (Hinsdale Central, IL)
   Hatcher, Jordin L. — (Naperville Central, IL)
   Howard, Lindsay — (Lake Forest, IL)
   Jahp, Elizabeth — (Lake Forest, IL)
   Jansen, Laura — (New Trier, IL)
   Kain, Erica — (Neuqua Valley, IL)
   Kaiser, Margaret — (Loyola Academy, IL)
   Kooi, Kelsey Patricia — (Hinsdale Central, IL)
   Krugman, Brenna — (New Trier, IL)
   Landoe, Lisa — (Lake Forest, IL)
   Lipson, Becky — (Evanston Township, IL)
   Maddock, Elizabeth — (Loyola Academy, IL)
   Marder-Eppstein, Sarah — (Evanston Township, IL)
   Matthews, Katherine — (Loyola Academy, IL)
   Neirsbach, Sarah — (Regina Dominican, IL)
   Paxson, Mary Antonia — (Regina Dominican, IL)
   Pike, Sara — (Evanston Township, IL)
   Rothschild, Celia — (New Trier, IL)
   Schulte, Mary Maureen — (Loyola Academy, IL)
   Staudt, Jamie — (Lake Forest, IL)
   Stonecipher, Emily — (Naperville Central, IL)
   Sullivan, Katie — (Loyola Academy, IL)
   Sullivan, Shannon — (Loyola Academy, IL)
   Todd, Katherine — (Oak Park River Forest, IL)
   Bingham, Maureen — (Wheat Ridge, CO)
   Chambers, Catherine — (Cherry Creek, CO)
   Clark, Erica — (Wheat Ridge, CO)
   Curry, Amber — (Golden, CO)
   Gidez, Marissa — (Ponderosa, CO)
   Gold, Kathleen — (Cherry Creek, CO)
   Hamersky, Deslie — (Colorado Academy, CO)
   Hamilton, Lesley — (Cherry Creek, CO)
   Hein, Abigail — (Cherry Creek, CO)
   Hoyer, Stephanie — (Cherry Creek, CO)
   Johnson, Ashley — (Arvada West, CO)
   Jones, Carly — (Colorado Academy, CO)
   Kapusta, Sonja — (Golden, CO)
   LaPointe, Angela — (Liberty, CO)
   Lawrence, Callie — (Colorado Academy, CO)
   Miller, Jessica — (Wheat Ridge, CO)
   Monteferrante, Kathleen — (Douglas County, CO)
   Pav, Michelle — (Colorado Academy, CO)
   Peterson, Ashley — (Colorado Academy, CO)
   Pranger, Anna — (Cherry Creek, CO)
   Robinson, Sarah — (Colorado Academy, CO)
   Schneiders, Elsa — (Cherry Creek, CO)
   Snively, Molly — (Douglas County, CO)
   Temple, Lilly — (Lakewood, CO)
   Thorsen, Kristen — (Douglas County, CO)
   Wagner, Chelsea — (Smoky Hill, CO)
   Wallace, Jessica — (Grandview, CO)
   West, Brook — (Douglas County, CO)
   Wyman, Sarah — (Cherry Creek, CO)
   Yourick, Keri — (Douglas County, CO)
   Brown, Kristin — (Trumbull, CT)
   Ciafone, Joanna — (Westminster School, CT)
   Dosdall, Kira — (Loomis Chaffee School, CT)
   Ferrer, Anne — (Greenwich Academy, CT)
   Hueglin, Kathryn — (Wilton, CT)
   O'Connor, Allison — (Avon, CT)
   Planicka, Megan — (Daniel Hand, CT)
   Sciarra, Kristianna — (Sacred Heart Academy, CT)
   Burns, Elizabeth — (St. Andrew's School, DE)
   Clay, Chandler — (Tower Hill School, DE)
   Cross, Dori — (Concord, DE)
   DeScioli, Jena — (Concord, DE)
   Dries, Elizabeth — (Tower Hill School, DE)
   Grossman, Lauren — (Caesar Rodney, DE)
   Haac, Jill — (Concord, DE)
   Harding, Brittney — (Caesar Rodney, DE)
   Keane, Leslie — (Concord, DE)
   Kestner, Meghan — (Tower Hill School, DE)
   Kocher, Michelle — (Concord, DE)
   Lewin, Eleanor — (Concord, DE)
   Loomis, Natasha — (Sanford School, DE)
   Massey, Lauren — (Caesar Rodney, DE)
   Masten, Gillian — (Caesar Rodney, DE)
   Pierce, Caitlin — (Tower Hill School, DE)
   Schreppler, Sydney — (Tower Hill School, DE)
   Stein, Sammie — (Concord, DE)
   Stoekicht, Amanda — (Sanford School, DE)
   Windett, Kate — (Caesar Rodney, DE)
   Bird, Kathryn — (Salisbury School, MD)
   Brown, Allison — (Salisbury School, MD)
   Bullard, Rebecca (Was ullard) — (Wicomico, MD)
   Doyle, Sarah — (Worcester Preparatory School, MD)
   Dungan, Kelli — (Easton, MD)
   Eure, Cassie — (James M. Bennett, MD)
   Flem, Brittany — (James M. Bennett, MD)
   Franks, Erica — (James M. Bennett, MD)
   Graham, Lauren — (Easton, MD)
   Greenleaf, Rachel — (Cambridge-South Dorchester, MD)
   Kaestner, Ashby — (St. Peter & Paul, MD)
   Kernan, Sarah — (Stephen Decatur, MD)
   Kramer, Leah — (Stephen Decatur, MD)
   Lucy, Taylor — (Worcester Preparatory School, MD)
   Miller, Alison — (Stephen Decatur, MD)
   O'Reilly, Erin — (Salisbury School, MD)
   Otway, Morgan — (Worcester Preparatory School, MD)
   Peksa, Jessie — (James M. Bennett, MD)
   Poloney, Maddison — (Salisbury School, MD)
   Purcell, Kathryn — (Stephen Decatur, MD)
   Riley, Megan — (Wicomico, MD)
   Rioux, Brittany — (Wicomico, MD)
   Roman, Michelle — (Wicomico, MD)
   Schlegel, Rachael — (Wicomico, MD)
   Sechler, Melissa — (James M. Bennett, MD)
   Spring, Ashton — (James M. Bennett, MD)
   Stenzel, Jessica — (Easton, MD)
   Sullivan, Julie — (Easton, MD)
   Teagarden, Farin — (Cambridge-South Dorchester, MD)
   Townsend, Sarah — (Worcester Preparatory School, MD)
   Willey, Adrienne — (Cambridge-South Dorchester, MD)
   Ahlzadeh, Danielle — (Walton, GA)
   Aquilino, Kristen — (Chattahoochee, GA)
   Bartolomeo, Jordan — (Centennial, GA)
   Beach, Briana — (Milton, GA)
   Berry, Sarah — (Woodward Academy, GA)
   Briglevich, Laurel — (McIntosh, GA)
   Carney, Haley — (McIntosh, GA)
   Carpenter, Paige — (Holy Innocents Episcopal School, GA)
   Copeland, Kyle — (Westminster, GA)
   Dryman, Taylor — (Westminster, GA)
   Dulaney, Brittni — (Darlington School, GA)
   Dwyer, Ashley — (Wesleyan School, GA)
   Edwards, Alison — (Wesleyan School, GA)
   Evans, Liz — (Columbus, GA)
   Galvin, Natalie — (Milton, GA)
   Gillam, Lauren — (Harrison, GA)
   Haupt, Vivien Gate — (Alpharetta, GA)
   Hayes, Deirdre — (Wesleyan School, GA)
   Haynes, Amanda — (Walton, GA)
   Hipp, Nicole — (Harrison, GA)
   Houghton, Lauren — (Woodward Academy, GA)
   Hutchins, Jessa — (South Forsyth, GA)
   Hyde, Lindsay — (Lassiter, GA)
   King, Virginia — (Woodward Academy, GA)
   Knorn, Alyse — (South Forsyth, GA)
   Kotun, Bethany — (Milton, GA)
   Leneski, Deborah — (Walton, GA)
   Maple, Sally — (McIntosh, GA)
   McCloy, Megan — (Milton, GA)
   McCune, Katie — (Woodward Academy, GA)
   Misel, Kathryn — (Walton, GA)
   Morris, Alison — (Wesleyan School, GA)
   Peck, Sarah — (Milton, GA)
   Rosenberg, Lucie — (Walton, GA)
   Singleton, Danielle — (Harrison, GA)
   Strack, Courtney — (Holy Innocents Episcopal School, GA)
   Taffet, Jenna — (Centennial, GA)
   Thomas, Aileen — (Columbus, GA)
   Tracey, Kelly — (Lassiter, GA)
   Trepte, Morgan — (Centennial, GA)
   Ward, Elizabeth — (Woodward Academy, GA)
   Witham, Kourtney — (McIntosh, GA)
   Woodward, Casey — (Westminster, GA)
   Woodward, Maggie — (Westminster, GA)
Greater Baltimore
   Ardolino, Emily — (Hereford, MD)
   Bancroft, Sarah — (Friends School of Baltimore, MD)
   Barry, Kristen — (John Carroll, MD)
   Black, Laurel — (Friends School of Baltimore, MD)
   Bray, Caitie — (Bryn Mawr, MD)
   Brooks, Melissa — (Maryvale, MD)
   Burton, Katie — (Mount de Sales, MD)
   Cavanaugh, Laura — (North Harford, MD)
   Coover, Terri — (Glenelg, MD)
   Curreri, Natalie — (Hereford, MD)
   Davis, Hope — (Mercy, MD)
   Del Monte, Megan — (St. Paul's, MD)
   Dodds, Marianne — (Mount Hebron, MD)
   Dove, Christina — (Bel Air, MD)
   Eide, Merissa — (Mount Hebron, MD)
   Frohman, Heather Anne — (Towson, MD)
   Gearhart, Sarah — (Friends School of Baltimore, MD)
   Goytisolo, Catherine — (Roland Park, MD)
   Grace, Sally — (Mount de Sales, MD)
   Griffin, Kim — (North Harford, MD)
   Handley, Susan — (Loch Raven, MD)
   Hubbard, Claire — (Towson, MD)
   Ibello, Gina — (Maryvale, MD)
   Kearney, Jackie — (Seton Keough, MD)
   Kyne, Megan — (Loch Raven, MD)
   Lance, Virginia — (Mount Hebron, MD)
   Melissari, Terri — (Dundalk, MD)
   Mikula, Kasey — (Dundalk, MD)
   Neubauer, Jennifer — (Hereford, MD)
   O'Ferrall, Elizabeth — (Mount de Sales, MD)
   Pais, Delia — (John Carroll, MD)
   Parker, Katherine H — (Seton Keough, MD)
   Potter, Andrea — (North Harford, MD)
   Reese, Jenny — (Hereford, MD)
   Rhinehart, Danielle — (Mount de Sales, MD)
   Rosenberg, Amanda — (Bryn Mawr, MD)
   Schuh, Caitlin — (Seton Keough, MD)
   Schwab, Kristin — (Friends School of Baltimore, MD)
   Seaman, Barbara — (Roland Park, MD)
   Shea, Kerry — (Seton Keough, MD)
   Sherry, Valerie — (Bryn Mawr, MD)
   Tourtman, Whitney — (North Harford, MD)
   Valderas, Maria — (Seton Keough, MD)
   Weidow, Sarah — (Dundalk, MD)
   Young, Jessica — (Dundalk, MD)
   Zaharris, Kaley — (Bryn Mawr, MD)
Greater Los Angeles
   Miller, Goldie — (Cate School, CA)
   Seaman, Tina — (Cate School, CA)
   Seidman, Laura — (Cate School, CA)
Greater Rochester
   Baughman, Daryl — (Rush Henrietta, NY)
   Bowen, Hilary — (Brighton, NY)
   Brochu, Haley — (East Rochester, NY)
   Cambulik, Millie — (Honeoye Falls Lima, NY)
   Carosa, Teresa — (Rush Henrietta, NY)
   Chase, Jaime — (Rush Henrietta, NY)
   Cowen, Lauren — (Brighton, NY)
   Cox, Sarah — (Honeoye Falls Lima, NY)
   Dakin, Lindsay — (Rush Henrietta, NY)
   Delap, Kayleigh — (Webster Schroeder, NY)
   Diraimo, Caitlin — (Webster Thomas, NY)
   Dorsey, Julie — (Webster Thomas, NY)
   Dumbovy-Johnson, Marissa — (Webster Thomas, NY)
   Flaherty, Jessica — (Webster Thomas, NY)
   Gardner, Christine — (Honeoye Falls Lima, NY)
   Gill, Becky — (Penfield, NY)
   Graham, Kelsey — (Penfield, NY)
   Graham, Laura — (Penfield, NY)
   Gurowski, Samantha — (Webster Thomas, NY)
   Harvey, Cailin — (Irondeqouit, NY)
   Hill, Melissa — (Brighton, NY)
   Kalamaroff, Katharine — (Spencerport, NY/Spencerport, NY)
   Kittelberger, Allison — (Webster Schroeder, NY)
   Knight, Emily — (Spencerport, NY)
   Kreskow, Kelly — (Penfield, NY)
   Lewis, Kasey — (Honeoye Falls Lima, NY)
   Lewis, Marissa — (Webster Schroeder, NY)
   Mahoney, Jenny — (East Rochester, NY)
   Mcclain, Elizabeth — (Brighton, NY)
   Michele, Whitney — (East Rochester, NY)
   Mullin, Maggie — (Irondeqouit, NY)
   Naukam, Ilisha — (Brighton, NY)
   Ortiz, Paula — (Penfield, NY)
   Randall, Kate — (Penfield, NY)
   Rauck, Britta — (Rush Henrietta, NY)
   Ryan, Alexandra — (Brighton, NY)
   Santiago, Rayza — (Webster Schroeder, NY)
   Schoenberger, Melissa — (Penfield, NY)
   Serron, Jessica — (Penfield, NY)
   Smith, Katie — (Honeoye Falls Lima, NY)
   Spencer, Danielle — (Brighton, NY)
   Steere, Rachel — (Penfield, NY)
   Szembrot, Nichole — (Webster Schroeder, NY)
   Van Valkenburg, Megan — (Rush Henrietta, NY)
   Vanhall, Laurie — (Penfield, NY)
   Wagner, Elizabeth — (Rush Henrietta, NY)
   Walkland, Chelsea — (Rush Henrietta, NY)
   Walsh, Victoria — (Brighton, NY)
Hudson Valley
   Bangs, Maggie — (Nyack, NY)
   Bass, Lindsey — (Clarkstown North, NY)
   Betz, Tiffany — (Harrison, NY)
   Biondi, Amanda — (Suffern, NY)
   Cannon, Elizabeth — (James I. O'Neil, NY)
   Chaung, Angela — (John Jay, NY)
   Clifford, Samantha — (Clarkstown North, NY)
   Collins, Sarah — (John Jay, NY)
   Cunico, Alyssa — (Harrison, NY)
   David, Alexis — (Clarkstown North, NY)
   Davis, Linnea — (Nyack, NY)
   Falborn, Jessica — (Nanuet, NY)
   Fitzgerald, Kelly — (Clarkstown North, NY)
   Franchino, Heather — (North Rockland, NY)
   Frawley, Shannon — (Pearl River, NY)
   Glennon, Nicole — (Clarkstown North, NY)
   Goodman, Erin — (Lakeland, NY)
   Grimm, Parry — (John Jay, NY)
   Harvey, Megan — (Clarkstown North, NY)
   Herlihy, Kristyn — (Clarkstown North, NY)
   Johnson, Genavieve — (John Jay, NY)
   Klion, Dana — (John Jay, NY)
   Korein, Joanna — (Horace Greeley, NY)
   La Perch, Kelli — (Brewster, NY)
   Levy, Elizabeth — (Clarkstown North, NY)
   Lindau, Julia — (Horace Greeley, NY)
   Lucena, Cristin — (Tappan Zee, NY)
   Montesarchio, Mary — (Walter Panas, NY)
   Morrell, Nancy — (Fox Lane, NY)
   Muldoon, Julie — (Scarsdale, NY)
   Park, Julie — (Nanuet, NY)
   Reggev, Kate — (Scarsdale, NY)
   Rogers, Kathryn — (Walter Panas, NY)
   Roitman, Isabel — (Clarkstown North, NY)
   Sampson, Katherine — (NY/Mamaroneck, NY)
   Schepens, Jennifer — (Nyack, NY)
   Shrek, Erica — (Suffern, NY)
   Souther, Caitlyn — (Scarsdale, NY)
   Vogel, Allison — (Tappan Zee, NY)
   Wardynski, Jennifer — (James I. O'Neil, NY)
   Warner, Briana — (North Rockland, NY)
   Warner, Casey — (North Rockland, NY)
   Wilson, Cyanne — (Pearl River, NY)
   Zaccaro, Dana — (North Rockland, NY)
   Adams, Vivian — (Cathedral, IN)
   Ax, Sarah — (Hamilton Southeastern, IN)
   Belden, Kathleen — (Brebeuf Jesuit, IN)
   Blanchard, Sarah — (Cathedral, IN)
   Bourdillon, Charlotte — (Park Tudor School, IN)
   Boxell, Stephanie — (Brebeuf Jesuit, IN)
   Bucherl, Cori — (Cathedral, IN)
   Cavanaugh, Caitlin — (North Central, IN)
   Chapman, Cynthia A. — (Noblesville, IN)
   Christianson, Molly — (Carmel, IN)
   Cox, Megan — (Brebeuf Jesuit, IN)
   Crispen, Anne — (North Central, IN)
   Dinner, Chelsea — (North Central, IN)
   Eft, Stephanie — (Hamilton Southeastern, IN)
   Eicher, Vanessa — (Zionsville, IN)
   Ewing, Jennifer — (Brebeuf Jesuit, IN)
   Freeman, Meredith — (Hamilton Southeastern, IN)
   Gangstad, Lindsey — (Zionsville, IN)
   Goodman, Lilly — (Park Tudor School, IN)
   Gribble, Katherine — (Zionsville, IN)
   Hannah, Mary — (Brebeuf Jesuit, IN)
   Hartman, Kate — (Brebeuf Jesuit, IN)
   Heeter, Becky — (North Central, IN)
   Himburg, Merrit — (North Central, IN)
   Hoffman, Jennifer — (Cathedral, IN)
   Holihen, Katie — (Brebeuf Jesuit, IN)
   Hosein, Megan — (Park Tudor School, IN)
   Jesionowski, Breanne — (Cathedral, IN)
   Kauffman, Kimberly — (Cathedral, IN)
   Kelley, Beth — (Cathedral, IN)
   Kellogg, Jessica — (Park Tudor School, IN)
   Knapp, Jennifer — (Brebeuf Jesuit, IN)
   Kohr, Meredith — (Culver Academy, IN)
   Lillemoe, Heather — (Zionsville, IN)
   Long, Jodi — (Culver Academy, IN)
   Marty, Mallory — (Hamilton Southeastern, IN)
   McCaulay, Emily — (Cathedral, IN)
   McGowan, Stephanie — (Brebeuf Jesuit, IN)
   McMurray, Anne — (North Central, IN)
   Overmeyer, Leah — (North Central, IN)
   Parker, Carrie — (North Central, IN)
   Perry, Georgia — (North Central, IN)
   Ponski, Erica — (Park Tudor School, IN)
   Richmond, Maggie — (Brebeuf Jesuit, IN)
   Rownd, Katherine — (Carmel, IN)
   Rude, Courtney — (North Central, IN)
   Russell, Alison — (Cathedral, IN)
   Sasin, Naomi — (Cathedral, IN)
   Sawicki, Jennifer — (Culver Academy, IN)
   Thompson, Elizabeth — (North Central, IN)
   Tolliver, Shaunte — (North Central, IN)
   Trotter, Geneva — (Brebeuf Jesuit, IN)
   Vance, Tasha — (Hamilton Southeastern, IN)
   Walton, Jennifer — (Zionsville, IN)
   Ward, Rachel — (Cathedral, IN)
   Wickert, Sarah — (Hamilton Southeastern, IN)
   Zeng, Yun — (Hamilton Southeastern, IN)
   Couch, Sarah — (Dupont Manual, KY)
   DeSanctis, Ann — (Ballard, KY)
   Downer, Celia — (Ballard, KY)
   Forren, Kelsey — (Sacred Heart, KY)
   Martin, Allison — (Ballard, KY)
   Mitchell, Bianca — (Dupont Manual, KY)
   Musson, Carrie — (Ballard, KY)
   Penn, Stephanie — (Dupont Manual, KY)
   Scheer, Sarah — (Eastern, KY)
   Segers, Sarah — (Dupont Manual, KY)
   Sheth, Deepa — (Dupont Manual, KY)
   Strohmeier, Anne — (Ballard, KY)
   Teaford, Emily — (Sacred Heart, KY)
Long Island Metro
   Alverson, Kelly — (Friends Academy, NY)
   Avallone, Elizabeth — (Manhasset, NY)
   Benesh, Meghann — (Miller Place, NY)
   Bernstein, Sarah — (Jericho, NY)
   Bettenhauser, Kayla — (West Babylon, NY)
   Biggs, Katherine — (Comseqogue, NY)
   Buonanno, Caitlin — (Long Beach, NY)
   Burhans, Courtney — (Locust Valley, NY)
   Busching, Jaclyn — (MIller Place, NY)
   Byers, Jill — (Northport, NY)
   Cannone, Alexandra — (Locust Valley, NY)
   Cannone, Ashley — (Locust Valley, NY)
   Chazen, Bryn — (Jericho, NY)
   Ciccone, Kristin — (Long Beach, NY)
   Clancy, BLair — (North Shore, NY)
   Collica, Kaitlin — (Baldwin, NY)
   Costello, Lauren — (Holy Trinity, NY)
   Cox, Katie — (Garden City, NY)
   Craig, Jackie — (Rocky Point, NY)
   Crain, Lauren — (St. Anthony's, NY)
   D'Andrea, Stefanie — (Calhoun, NY)
   DeBonis, Stephanie — (Calhoun, NY)
   DeVito, Janice — (Holy Trinity, NY)
   Dillon, Karen — (Shoreham Wading River, NY)
   Donohue, Carol — (West Babylon, NY)
   Dougherty, Christine — (Lindenhurst, NY)
   Duvnjak, Annie — (Manhasset, NY)
   English, Aly — (Manhasset, NY/Manhasset, NY)
   Feinman, Justine — (Syosset, NY)
   Gaine, Shannon — (Bay Shore, NY)
   Gardner, Katie — (Garden City, NY)
   Giannattasio, Krista — (St. Anthony's, NY)
   Grecco, Nicole — (Miller Place, NY)
   Grein, Allison — (Floral Park, NY)
   Grueniger, Christine — (Lindenhurst, NY)
   Harrington, Natalie — (Friends Academy, NY)
   Hultz, Stephanie — (Jericho, NY)
   Jensen, Brittany — (Bay Shore, NY)
   Kain, Alexandra — (Mineola, NY)
   Kasindorf, Amanda — (Jericho, NY)
   Kelly, Kara — (Garden City, NY)
   Kemmler, Amy — (Mineola, NY)
   Kennedy, Kristen — (Bay Shore, NY)
   Kirby, Meghan — (Holy Trinity, NY)
   Kocher, Colleen — (Baldwin, NY)
   Koslow, Adrienne — (North Shore, NY)
   Krasula, Deirdre — (Holy Trinity, NY)
   LaBainca, Laura — (Baldwin, NY)
   LaClair, Kelly — (Lindenhurst, NY)
   LaRosa, Michelle — (Manhasset, NY/Manhasset, NY)
   Lasko, Larisa — (jericho, NY)
   Leddy, Michele — (St. Anthony's, NY)
   Levokove, Samantha — (Long Beach, NY)
   Lopez, Ashley — (North Shore, NY)
   Lopez, Jacqueline — (Holy Trinity, NY)
   Magan, Molly — (Long Beach, NY)
   Mahoney, Melissa — (St. Anthony's, NY)
   Manseau, Brittany — (Rocky Point, NY)
   Markowski, Meghan — (Northport, NY)
   Martinez, Katy — (Baldwin, NY)
   Martorella, Grace — (Mineola, NY)
   McAllister, Jennie — (Bay Shore, NY)
   McDonough, Ali — (Garden City, NY)
   McGilloway, Maeve — (North Shore, NY)
   Meierdiercks, Keryn — (Holy Trinity, NY)
   Monti, Jacqueline — (Westhampton Beach, NY)
   Morrison, Kristin — (Friends Academy, NY)
   Murphy, Tyler — (North Shore, NY)
   Murray, Corinne — (West Babylon, NY)
   Nevitt, Jessica — (Manhasset, NY)
   Nykdak, Renee — (Long Beach, NY)
   Parasco, Elena — (Manhasset, NY)
   Pepe, Kate — (Westhampton Beach, NY)
   Picoli, Elizabeth — (Friends Academy, NY)
   Piro, Marissa — (Lindenhurst, NY)
   Rose, Katie — (Garden City, NY)
   Schiavone, Jennifer — (Miller Place, NY)
   Schmidt, Lauren — (Bay Shore, NY)
   Schnitt, Jill — (Jericho, NY)
   Sedlik, Dana — (Long Beach, NY)
   Shannon, Brittany — (Garden City, NY)
   Sirow, Gabby — (Syosset, NY)
   Sood, Vandana — (Syosset, NY)
   Strain, Caitlin — (Garden City, NY)
   Sumcizk, Carolyn — (Syosset, NY)
   Sweeney, Kelley — (Bay Shore, NY)
   Tand, Raymie — (John F. Kennedy, NY)
   Tuck, Anne — (Locust Valley, NY)
   Vicencio, Jacqueline — (Miller Place, NY)
   Vultaggio, Lorraine — (Miller Place, NY)
   Walker, Caroline — (Calhoun, NY)
   Ward, Eileen — (Manhasset, NY)
   Weiss, Allie — (Syosset, NY)
   White, Mgan — (Holy Trinity, NY)
   Wiegand, Jessica — (Bay Shore, NY)
   Allen, Amanda — (Waynflete School, ME)
   Anderson, Amy — (Westbrook, ME)
   Arabatzis, Maria — (Thornton Academy, ME)
   Attfield, Vaness — (McAuley, ME)
   Barton, Kate — (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
   Bates, Amy — (Westbrook, ME)
   Binnie, Emma — (Thornton Academy, ME)
   Bolton, Jessica — (Scarborough, ME)
   Briggs, Katy — (North Yarmouth Academy, ME)
   Brigham, Amy — (Scarborough, ME)
   Brosnan, Jennifer — (Wells, ME)
   Carmichael, Kimberly — (Westbrook, ME)
   Chiarantona, Jennifer — (Scarborough, ME)
   Comeau, Melissa — (Bonny Eagle, ME)
   Critchfield, Betsy — (Waynflete School, ME)
   Croteau, Jenny — (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
   Damrell, Freya — (Morse, ME)
   DeStefano, Sarah — (Marshwood, ME)
   Defanti, Maggie — (Waynflete School, ME)
   Drake, Virginia — (Waynflete School, ME)
   Ellis, Linden — (Waynflete School, ME)
   Evans, Alice — (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
   Farber, Audrey — (Falmouth, ME)
   Fickett, Caitlin — (Wells, ME)
   Fortune-Agar, Clare — (Wells, ME)
   Gillis, Samantha — (Falmouth, ME)
   Gordon, Madeline — (Greely, ME)
   Grandstaff, Emma — (Falmouth, ME)
   Gunter, Sara — (Kennebunk, ME)
   Halmo, Rebekah — (Brunswick, ME)
   Halpern, Michelle — (Yarmouth, ME)
   Hanson, Emma — (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
   Hoffman, Lily — (Waynflete School, ME)
   Houle, Elizabeth — (Scarborough, ME)
   Johnson, Emily — (Yarmouth, ME)
   Jordan, Vanessa — (Westbrook, ME)
   Kast, Blake — (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
   Kotch, Chelsea — (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
   Lombardo, Alison — (Bonny Eagle, ME)
   Longley, Mary — (North Yarmouth Academy, ME)
   Lowe, Heather — (Morse, ME)
   Merrill, Jessa — (Kennebunk, ME)
   Michaud, Katlyn — (McAuley School, ME)
   Miller, Rachel — (Brunswick, ME)
   Needleman, Grace — (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
   O'Connell, Jaimi — (Massabesic, ME)
   Padavano, Christina — (McAuley School, ME)
   Perkins, Jessie — (McAuley School, ME)
   Perkins, Rosemary — (Westbrook, ME)
   Perry, McCall — (Greely, ME)
   Pettengill, Chelsea — (South Portland, ME)
   Rapaport, Carly — (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
   Ritter, Elaine — (Bonny Eagle, ME)
   Roth, Maggie — (Thornton Academy, ME)
   Rounds, Jaqueline — (Bonny Eagle, ME)
   Sanders, Brittany — (Yarmouth, ME)
   Schnell, Caroline — (Waynflete School, ME)
   Scontras, Kristina — (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
   Sheehan, Kelsey — (McAuley School, ME)
   Smith, Caty — (Cape Elizabeth, ME)
   Stockmeyer, Karla — (Waynflete School, ME)
   Studwell, Anna — (Brunswick, ME)
   Wakeland, Elise — (Kennebunk, ME)
   Werley-Prieto, Elizabeth — (North Yarmouth Academy, ME)
   White, Brittany — (Scarborough, ME)
   Wood, Danielle — (Scarborough, ME)
   Abu-Zara, Raya — (Detroit Country Day School, MI)
   Autry, Cate — (Seaholm, MI)
   Bauman, Kristen — (Ann Arbor Pioneer, MI)
   Bauman, Mariah — (Ann Arbor Pioneer, MI)
   Bergfield, Alana — (Cranbrook Kingswood, MI)
   Burnett, Christie — (Marian, MI)
   Chima, Margot — (Cranbrook Kingswood, MI)
   Conway, Caitlin — (Marian, MI)
   Cregeur, Shannon — (South Lyon, MI)
   Daniel, Faith — (Grosse Pointe South, MI)
   Dery, Jill — (Marian, MI)
   Gaer, Lauren — (Marian, MI)
   Griglak, Taylor — (Marian, MI)
   Grosteffon, Katie — (Cranbrook Kingswood, MI)
   Haidostian, Lisa — (Seaholm, MI)
   Johnson, Samantha — (Cranbrook Kingswood, MI)
   Joswick, Jessica — (Cranbrook Kingswood, MI)
   Kapp, Sydney — (Ann Arbor Pioneer, MI)
   Keehl, Virginia — (South Lyon, MI)
   Kimmerling, Kelly — (Ann Arbor Pioneer, MI)
   Kuwada, Elizabeth — (Ann Arbor Pioneer, MI)
   MacConnachie, Meghan — (Grosse Pointe South, MI)
   Miller, Paige — (Seaholm, MI)
   Morris, Jami — (Grosse Pointe South, MI)
   Murguppan, Gayathree — (Cranbrook Kingswood, MI)
   Opperman, Alisha — (South Lyon, MI)
   Pastula, Emily — (South Lyon, MI)
   Pavle, Alexis — (Grosse Pointe South, MI)
   Pavle, Pearce — (Grosse Pointe South, MI)
   Perenic, Erika — (Cranbrook Kingswood, MI)
   Pogue, Jesse — (Grosse Pointe South, MI)
   Relich, Natalie — (Grosse Pointe South, MI)
   Russell, Sarah — (Grosse Pointe South, MI)
   Singelyn, Jane — (Grosse Pointe South, MI)
   Sprague, Jennifer — (Detroit Country Day School, MI)
   Szegedi, Stephanie — (South Lyon, MI)
   Tassopoulos, Alissa — (Grosse Pointe South, MI)
   Tepe, Elizabeth — (Cranbrook Kingswood, MI)
   Wagner, Maggie — (Marian, MI)
   Winkel, Kristen — (South Lyon, MI)
   Yatsko, Natalie — (Seaholm, MI)
   Alms, Kathryn — (Eden Prairie, MN/Eden Prairie, MN)
   Barczak, Ellie — (Blake School, MN)
   Blichfeld, Anne — (Eden Prairie, MN/Eden Prairie, MN)
   Calmes, Jamie — (Hopkins, MN)
   Cederblad, Annika — (Hopkins, MN)
   Chang, Joyce — (Mahtomedi, MN)
   Chi, Elise — (Mahtomedi, MN)
   Eagerstrom, Kaila — (Eden Prairie, MN/Eden Prairie, MN)
   Fennell, Sarah — (Eden Prairie, MN/Eden Prairie, MN)
   Finden, Sunny — (Shattuck St. Mary's School, MN)
   Gause, Leah — (Hopkins, MN)
   Hackett, Mellice — (Hopkins, MN)
   Hancock, Elizabeth — (Hopkins, MN)
   Hansen, Lindsay — (Eden Prairie, MN/Eden Prairie, MN)
   Hennen, Lauren — (Mahtomedi, MN)
   Hocker, Diana — (Minnetonka, MN)
   Larson, Brit — (Hopkins, MN)
   Lewry, Kristine — (Minnetonka, MN)
   Mendoza, Natalia — (Shattuck St. Mary's School, MN)
   Murphy, Libby — (Blake School, MN)
   Nelsen, Molly — (Eden Prairie, MN/Eden Prairie, MN)
   Pfeifer, Shannon — (Minnetonka, MN)
   Riggs, Jennifer — (Eden Prairie, MN/Eden Prairie, MN)
   Ring, Melissa — (Mahtomedi, MN)
   Sanders, Marit — (Eden Prairie, MN/Eden Prairie, MN)
   Schiltgen, Kayla — (Mahtomedi, MN)
   Scoles, Brittany — (Shattuck St. Mary's School, MN)
   Smyth, Katherine — (Mahtomedi, MN)
   Soderberg, Elin — (Eden Prairie, MN/Eden Prairie, MN)
   Soren, Diana — (Eden Prairie, MN/Eden Prairie, MN)
   Thoma, Laura — (Minnetonka, MN)
   Vincent, Laura — (Blake School, MN)
   Whiting, Jenilynn — (Hopkins, MN)
   Wittich, Claire — (Shattuck St. Mary's School, MN)
   Yohn, Taylor — (Mahtomedi, MN)
New Hampshire
   Applegate, Kristen — (Pinkerton Academy, NH)
   Austin, Rebecca — (Phillips Exeter Academy, NH)
   Brigham, Carlie — (Pinkerton Academy, NH)
   Cho, Yeonsoo — (Phillips Exeter Academy, NH)
   Crothers, Michelle — (Oyster River, NH)
   Fisher, Kate — (Hanover, NH)
   Foote, Eleanor — (St. Paul's School, NH)
   Giglio, Amanda — (Hollis Brookline/Bishop Guertin, NH)
   Gill, Shannon — (Hollis Brookline, NH)
   Imse, Vanessa — (Bow, NH)
   Lothrop, Heather — (Bow, NH)
   Nelson, Alice — (Hanover, NH)
   Perkins, Emily — (Bow, NH)
   Reily, Kendall — (Phillips Exeter Academy, NH)
   Richtarik, Melissa — (Bow, NH)
   Saunders, Dylan — (Hollis Brookline, NH)
   Schneider, Kara — (Hollis Brookline, NH)
   Sennott, Erica — (Pinkerton Academy, NH)
   VanNostrand, Katie — (Pinkerton Academy, NH)
   Zielinski, Lauren — (Bow, NH)
New Jersey
   Abbate, Allison — (Shore Regional, NJ)
   Antieri, Alison — (Oak Knoll, NJ)
   Archibald, Emily — (James Caldwell, NJ)
   Arnold, Amy — (NJ/Voorhees, NJ)
   Baxter, Kimberly — (Toms River South, NJ)
   Bodnar, Jackie — (Madison, NJ)
   Breen, Kelly — (West Morris Central, NJ)
   Brink, Brielle — (Jackson Memorial, NJ)
   Buggeln, Christine — (James Cladwell, NJ)
   Cannon, Suzanne — (Northern Highlands, NJ)
   Chandler, Audrey — (North Hunterdon, NJ)
   Clemente, Laura — (Madison, NJ)
   Clendinin, Stephanie Hope — (Toms River North, NJ)
   Constable, Allison — (Northern Highlands, NJ)
   Conti, Jennifer — (Montclair, NJ)
   Coyle, Kara — (Ridge, NJ)
   Culp, Kelly Jean — (Montclair, NJ)
   D'Iorio, Laura — (West Morris Central, NJ)
   DeBellis, Jessica — (Bridgewater Raritan, NJ)
   DeLeonardis, Megan — (Northern Highlands, NJ)
   DeLuca, Krystina — (Hillsborough, NJ)
   DeMarco, Lindsey — (Red Bank Catholic, NJ)
   Dellis, Sophia — (Ridgewood, NJ)
   Donovan, Megan — (Ridgewood, NJ)
   Evatt, Katie — (Ridge, NJ)
   Fenton, Megan — (Bridgewater Raritan, NJ)
   Fetch, Dana — (Mountain Lakes, NJ)
   Galladay, Nicole — (North Hunterdon, NJ)
   Germinario, Christina — (West Morris Central, NJ)
   Gibbons, Lara — (Oak Knoll School, NJ)
   Giordano, Alexandra — (Ridgewood, NJ)
   Goldman, Larissa — (North Hunterdon, NJ)
   Healey, Kelley — (Toms River North, NJ)
   Herman, Taylor — (Hunterdon Central, NJ)
   Holuba, Frances — (Northern Highlands, NJ)
   Hopkins, Christina — (Montclair, NJ)
   Hoy, Kaitlin — (Bridgewater Raritan, NJ)
   Hynoski, Tara — (Hunterdon Central, NJ)
   Imbesi, Kimberly — (Bridgewater Raritan, NJ)
   Jaeger, Alison — (North Hunterdon, NJ)
   Johnstone, Kaitlin — (Voorhees, NJ)
   Kaplan, Abbey — (Fair Lawn, NJ)
   Keefe, Colleen — (Ridge, NJ)
   Kleiman, Shari — (Hillsborough, NJ)
   Klein, Tara — (Ocean Township, NJ)
   Klemchalk, Michelle — (North Hunterdon, NJ)
   Knoll, Jenna — (Ridge, NJ)
   Knott, Sarah — (Northern Highlands, NJ)
   Koenig, Katherine — (Shore Regional, NJ)
   Kopin, Kim — (Hunterdon Central, NJ)
   Kozakiewicz, Christina — (Ridgewood, NJ)
   Lachner, Reanna — (Hunterdon Central, NJ)
   Lambracht, Kristine — (Hunterdon Central, NJ)
   Landy, Adair — (Montclair, NJ)
   Laufer, Amanda — (West Morris Mendham, NJ)
   Lawson, Katie — (Washington Twp., NJ)
   Link, Meredith — (Jackson Memorial, NJ)
   Marcis, Miriam — (Hunterdon Central, NJ)
   Marrone, Lisa — (Fair Lawn, NJ)
   Martino, Jenna — (Shore Regional, NJ)
   Mastria, Jeannette — (Shore Regional, NJ)
   McBride, Jessica — (Oak Knoll, NJ)
   McDonald, Meghan — (James Caldwell, NJ)
   McGrath, Kristi — (Voorhees, NJ)
   McGrath, Leigh — (Ridgewood, NJ)
   McKenna, Kelly — (Montclair, NJ)
   McNish, Kathleen — (James Caldwell, NJ)
   Nies, Madeline — (Ridge, NJ)
   O'Shea, Kyler — (Ridgewood, NJ)
   Peck, Chelsea — (Ridge, NJ)
   Pedersen, Anne — (Mountain Lakes, NJ)
   Poulter, Erin — (Hillsborough, NJ)
   Read, Amanda — (Voorhees, NJ)
   Reuther, Katie — (Toms River North, NJ)
   Rigby, Erin Jane — (Rad Bank Catholic, NJ)
   Robinson, Kelly — (Cherokee, NJ)
   Roney, Michele — (Fair Lawn, NJ)
   Russo, Gillian — (Montclair, NJ)
   Ryan, Rachael — (Ridgewood, NJ)
   Ryan, Taylor — (Shore Regional, NJ)
   Scarrone, Danielle — (Shore Regional, NJ)
   Scioscia, Gina — (Summit, NJ)
   Sedereas, Candace — (Fair Lawn, NJ)
   Semier, Mary Clare — (Mountain Lakes, NJ)
   Shnayder, Erica — (Fair Lawn, NJ)
   Sielski, Lana — (Jackson Memorial, NJ)
   Simpson, Kaitlin — (Ridgewood, NJ)
   Soltis, Kathleen — (North Hunterdon, NJ)
   Spendley, Shannon — (North Hunterdon, NJ)
   Spival, Zoe — (Montclair, NJ)
   Stork, Caroline — (Ridge, NJ)
   Tennenbaum, Joy — (Fair Lawn, NJ)
   Toli, Jessica — (Fair Lawn, NJ)
   Westlake, Jessica — (Holy Cross, NJ)
   Whitecavage, Ally — (Voorhees, NJ)
   Wolfson, Lauren — (Mountain Lakes, NJ)
   Woodie, Lauren — (Shore Regional, NJ)
   Wright, Kaileigh — (West Morris Mendham, NJ)
   Young, Sarah — (North Hunterdon, NJ)
North Carolina
   Adams, Laura — (Lake Norman Club, NC)
   Betheil, Melissa — (Page, NC)
   Bingham, Caitlin — (Western Guilford, NC)
   Bost, Chelsea — (Lake Norman Club, NC)
   Breedlove, Jennifer — (Western Guilford, NC)
   Bronec, Christina — (Durham Academy, NC)
   Brown, Lauren — (Western Guilford, NC)
   Bryan, Katie — (Athens Drive, NC)
   Burden, Erica — (Green Hope, NC)
   Caldwell, Elyse — (Lake Norman Club, NC)
   Casey, Sara — (Providence, NC)
   Chen, Tina — (Enloe, NC)
   Christofferson, Kaylan — (Green Hope, NC)
   Clipp, Elizabeth — (Cardinal Gibbons, NC)
   Crowe, Remle — (Enloe, NC)
   Davis, Ryan — (Western Guilford, NC)
   Deal, Jamie — (Athens Drive, NC)
   Doggett, Sarah — (Northwest Guilford, NC)
   Doherty, Anna — (North Mecklenburg, NC)
   Edgerton, Elise — (Green Hope, NC)
   Edminston, Ashley — (Western Guilford, NC)
   Edwards, Melissa — (Western Guilford, NC)
   Ellen, Halley — (North Mecklenburg, NC)
   Enoch, Tarah — (Western Guilford, NC)
   Escobar, Rachel — (Enloe, NC)
   Farr, Trish — (Durham Academy, NC)
   Farrell, Tierney — (Wakefield, NC)
   Flaherty, Jennifer — (Athens Drive, NC)
   Fleckenstein, Deandra — (Southeast Guilford, NC)
   Gatto, Amy — (Green Hope, NC)
   Goldstein, Sarah — (Durham Academy, NC)
   Gorman, Ashley — (Green Hope, NC)
   Grant, Katie — (Wakefield, NC)
   Green, Sarah — (Northwest Guilford, NC)
   Hall, Meredith — (Durham Academy, NC)
   Heckner, Hannah — (Cardinal Gibbons, NC)
   Heimstead, Kristen — (North Mecklenburg, NC)
   Horton, Meredith — (Wakefield, NC)
   Johnson, Caroline — (Wakefield, NC)
   Johnson, Emily — (Northwest Guilford, NC)
   Jones, Ashley — (Page, NC)
   Joseph, Jaime — (Providence, NC)
   Kabadi, Ami — (Western Guilford, NC)
   Kang, Catherine — (Green Hope, NC)
   Keating, Alyssa — (Green Hope, NC)
   Kersey, Sarah — (Cardinal Gibbons, NC)
   Kochy, Emily — (Providence, NC)
   Mauney, Elizabeth — (North Mecklenburg, NC)
   McBee, Lauren — (Green Hope, NC)
   McKone, Sarah — (Green Hope, NC)
   McLaughlin, Tara — (Cardinal Gibbons, NC)
   Misenheimer, Brittany — (North Mecklenburg, NC)
   Morse, Whitney — (Northwest Guilford, NC)
   Motley, Emily — (Providence, NC)
   Nevid, Alex — (Providence, NC)
   Nicholls, Sarah — (Wakefield, NC)
   Pamucak, Ayca — (Athens Drive, NC)
   Partagas, Alexandra — (Page, NC)
   Patrick, Nicole — (Western Guilford, NC)
   Pea, Rachel — (Durham Academy, NC)
   Peterson, Lauren — (Durham Academy, NC)
   Rafferty, Tracy — (North Mecklenburg, NC)
   Rimbach, Jennifer — (Athens Drive, NC)
   Robertson, Lindsay — (Athens Drive, NC)
   Rogers, Sarah — (Western Guilford, NC)
   Ruppert, Ashley — (Green Hope, NC)
   Sailer, Christine — (Durham Academy, NC)
   Sanders, Farran — (Lake Norman Club, NC)
   Shelton, Claire — (Enloe, NC)
   Sholtz, Eliza — (Durham Academy, NC)
   Simmons, Lesley — (NC/W.G. Enloe, NC)
   Sloate, Kyle — (Durham Academy, NC)
   Smith, Stephanie — (Cardinal Gibbons, NC)
   Sorensen, Lauren — (North Mecklenburg, NC)
   Treen, Katie — (North Mecklenburg, NC)
   Watkins, Cameron — (Providence, NC)
   Wells, Kymberly — (Green Hope, NC)
   Wertz, Danielle — (Lake Norman Club, NC)
   Zastrow, Allison — (Providence, NC)
   Zyvoloski, Kelsey — (Wakefield, NC)
North Texas
   Edwards, Ashley — (Highland Park, TX)
   Fechtel, Samantha Jane — (Ursuline Academy, TX)
   Hinojosa, Jessica — (Episcopal School of Dallas, TX)
   Ramsey, Anna E. — (Highland Park, TX)
   Richard, Beth — (Highland Park, TX)
   Smith, Emily — (Episcopal School of Dallas, TX)
   Vanson, Lauren — (Southlake Carroll, TX)
Northern California
   Cohen, Jennifer — (San Ramon Valley, CA)
   Crandall, Caroline — (Menlo School, CA)
   Dale, Laura — (Berkeley, CA)
   Drexler, Jenny — (Castilleja School, CA)
   Hoo, Stephanie Soo — (San Ramon Valley, CA)
   Lewis, Sarah — (Menlo-Atherton, CA)
   Losey, Heather — (Woodside, CA)
   Lowe, Lauren — (Tamalpais, CA)
   Mithun, Julie — (Tamalpais, CA)
   O'Reilly, Mary — (Menlo School, CA)
   Peterson, Molly — (Acalanes, CA)
   Rugg, Caitlin — (San Ramon Valley, CA)
   Shapiro, Jenny — (Menlo-Atherton, CA)
   Sterling, Sarah — (Marin Catholic, CA)
   Stewart-Rose, Orissa — (Berkeley, CA)
   Zestar-Postrk, Rachel — (Acalanes, CA)
Northern Ohio
   Albing, Katherine — (Andrews School, OH)
   Arend, Kara — (St. Ursula Academy-Toledo, OH)
   Auberle, Melissa — (Ottawa Hills Girls LC, OH)
   Bhadra, Madhura — (Cleveland Heights, OH)
   Biggar, Sarah — (Hathaway Brown School, OH)
   Bowerman, Emily — (Chagrin Falls, OH)
   Bukvic, Danielle — (Hudson, OH)
   Burnside, Hannah — (Hilliard Darby, OH)
   Burrello, Alicia — (Chagrin Falls, OH)
   Calian, Courtney — (St. Ursula Academy-Toledo, OH)
   Campbel-Morrison, Jessica — (Shaker Heights, OH)
   Catella, Samantha — (Andrews School, OH)
   Celeste, Eleanor — (Laurel School, OH)
   Clements, Caitlin — (Hawken School, OH)
   Cuppples, Hannah — (Wooster, OH)
   Decker, Kristen — (St. Ursula Academy-Toledo, OH)
   Deny, Amy — (Stow-Munroe Falls, OH)
   Durell, Jeanne — (Columbus School for Girls, OH)
   Elfvin, Dana — (Cleveland, OH)
   Falco, Bridget — (Hathaway Brown School, OH)
   Fitzpatrick, Kelly — (Hudson, OH)
   Fluharty, Charity — (Columbus School for Girls, OH)
   Flynn, Brenna — (Olentangy Liberty, OH)
   Forrest, Catherine — (St. Ursula Academy-Toledo, OH)
   Gabriel, Sarah — (Shaker Heights, OH)
   Griffith, Christine — (Hudson, OH)
   Guinta, Maggie — (Medina, OH)
   Harvey, Amanda — (Olentangy Liberty, OH)
   Hollister, Allison — (Chagrin Falls, OH)
   Kelley, Ann — (Columbus School for Girls, OH)
   Kendzierski, Alex — (St. Ursula Academy-Toledo, OH)
   Klausing, Kat — (Olentangy Liberty, OH)
   Kubasta, Katie — (Medina, OH)
   Kuehne, Sara — (Ottawa Hills Girls LC, OH)
   Larsen, Mia — (Cleveland Heights, OH)
   Leonetti, McKenna — (Chagrin Falls, OH)
   Lindsay, Dana — (Cleveland Hts, OH)
   Lochridge, Whitney — (Hudson, OH)
   Lozon, Allison — (Chagrin Falls, OH)
   Lytle, Ashley — (Wooster, OH)
   MacRitchie, Kelly — (Chagrin Falls, OH)
   Montello, Courtney — (Chagrin Falls, OH)
   Moore, Miriam — (Shaker Heights, OH)
   Moy, Grace — (Chagrin Falls, OH)
   Mozenter, Rachel — (Columbus Academy, OH)
   Nims, Megan — (Ottawa Hills Girls LC, OH)
   Omata, Miku — (Andrews School, OH)
   Oppenheim, Claire — (Hawken School, OH)
   Parsons, Samantha — (Columbus School for Girls, OH)
   Peatee, Caitlyn — (St. Ursula Academy-Toledo, OH)
   Peterson, Sarah — (Hudson, OH)
   Pospichel, Taylor — (Columbus School for Girls, OH)
   Rawot, Lindsay — (Chagrin Falls, OH)
   Roshon, Allison — (Ottawa Hills Girls LC, OH)
   Schaffer, Marissa — (Laurel School, OH)
   Schnaith, Marisa — (Olentangy Liberty, OH)
   Schott, Alexandra — (Western Reserve Academy, OH)
   Schulze, Alexandra — (Chagrin Falls, OH)
   Shatten, Julia — (Shaker Heights, OH)
   Shenk, Sarah — (Shaker Heights, OH)
   Sheron, Mollie — (Wooster, OH)
   Shunk, Allegra — (Andrews School, OH)
   Skelton, Mindy — (Thomas Worthington, OH)
   Sommers, Katherine — (Shaker Heights, OH)
   Spectorsky, Kate — (Laurel School, OH)
   Stroup, Jessica — (Laurel School, OH)
   Swank, Katherine — (Hathaway Brown School, OH)
   Terwood, Melanie — (Laurel School, OH)
   Thombre, Zaia — (Ottawa Hills Girls LC, OH)
   Trail, Vanessa — (Olentangy Liberty, OH)
   Voigt, Kathryn — (Hilliard Darby, OH)
   Welcker, Kimberly — (Dublin Coffman, OH)
   Wilson, Meghan — (Western Reserve Academy, OH)
   Wolf, Erin — (Columbus Academy, OH)
   Wolff, Tally — (Columbus School for Girls, OH)
   Zauracky, Shannon — (Stow-Munroe Falls, OH)
   Castle, Christine — (Southridge, OR)
   Coates, Alyssa — (Lincoln, OR)
   Corbett, Ginny — (St. Mary's Academy, OR)
   Cramer, Elli — (Lakeridge, OR)
   Estuesta, Micki — (Lake Oswego, OR)
   Flanigan, Hailey — (St. Mary's Academy, OR)
   Grimwood, Caitlin — (St. Mary's Academy, OR)
   Haller, Colleen — (St. Mary's Academy, OR)
   Heintzman, Rebecca — (Liberty, OR)
   Hewitt, Laura — (Lincoln, OR)
   Hoogestraat, Kayli — (West Linn, OR)
   Krieger, Morgan — (Jesuit, OR)
   Lipin, Ella — (Lincoln, OR)
   Maher, Helen — (St. Mary's Academy, OR)
   McAdams, Brittany — (Grant, OR)
   McCormack, Megan — (Westview, OR)
   Meier, Helen — (Westview, OR)
   Meyers, Theresa — (St. Mary's Academy, OR)
   Motis, Rogan — (Westview, OR)
   Muller, Katie — (Lakeridge, OR)
   Okon, Ofiong Odet — (Southridge, OR)
   Pearce, Lindsay — (Portland, OR/Sunset, OR)
   Scott, Devon — (Lincoln, OR)
   Sessions, Erica — (Lakeridge, OR)
   Shipley, Erin — (Lakeridge, OR)
   Stewart, Samantha — (Lakeridge, OR)
   Strahorn-Brown, Catie — (Lincoln, OR)
   Ullom, Emily — (St. Mary's Academy, OR)
   Vandenburgh, Amy — (Wilsonville, OR)
Orlando-Central Florida
   Adolphe, Allison — (Lake Howell, FL)
   Alberto, Jenna — (Cypress Creek, FL)
   Alvarenga, Nora — (Olympia, FL)
   Aquino-Otero, Ileana — (Oviedo, FL)
   Ardito, Deanna — (Seminole, FL)
   Barry, Heather — (Lake Howell, FL)
   Basham, Jenna — (Lake Howell, FL)
   Baumwell, Leah — (Lake Brantley, FL)
   Beal, Kristen — (Winter Park, FL)
   Behen, Malorie — (Lake Howell, FL)
   Bennie, Brittany — (Lake Howell, FL)
   Betancourt, Veronica — (Lake Howell, FL)
   Blakeslee, Erin — (West Orange, FL)
   Blasko, Karissa — (Allen D. Nease, FL)
   Bonner, Tabitha — (Seminole, FL)
   Brown, Amanda — (Lake Brantley, FL)
   Brown, Bethany — (Timber Creek, FL)
   Burton, Michelle — (Lake Howell, FL)
   Canale, Logan — (Colonial, FL)
   Cognetti, Jade — (Timber Creek, FL)
   Darley, Meghan — (Oviedo, FL)
   Dimmick, Christine — (Oviedo, FL)
   Duffy, Sarah — (Allen D. Nease, FL)
   Dunn, Katie — (Olympia, FL)
   Duro, Kayle — (Colonial, FL)
   Edmauds, Jean — (Lake Mary, FL)
   Faoogui, Naureen — (Colonial, FL)
   Fitzgerald, Tara — (Oviedo, FL)
   Flint, Dallas — (Allen D. Nease, FL)
   Forbes, Emily — (Oviedo, FL)
   Franz, Megan — (Oviedo, FL)
   Grant, Elyse — (Lake Mary, FL)
   Gurnic, Donna — (Winter Park, FL)
   Harvey, Jennifer — (Lake Howell, FL)
   He, Lily — (Allen D. Nease, FL)
   Hilal, Ashley — (Seminole, FL)
   Hoffman, Lauren — (Lake Brantley, FL)
   Hutson, Ashley — (Seminole, FL)
   Hyatt, Meghan — (Oviedo, FL)
   Johnson, Lindsey — (West Orange, FL)
   Jones, Katie — (Oviedo, FL)
   Jones, Katie Liz — (Oviedo, FL)
   Karr, Melissa — (West Orange, FL)
   London, Lindsey — (Lake Howell, FL)
   Mackin, Tess — (Lake Howell, FL)
   Mantor, Stacey — (Colonial, FL)
   Martinez, Janina — (Cypress Creek, FL)
   McGurk, Lauren — (Oviedo, FL)
   Melgen, Sarah — (Seminole, FL)
   Misicka, Chelsea — (West Orange, FL)
   Mixon, Natalie — (Lake Brantley, FL)
   Moreno, Lindsey — (West Orange, FL)
   Morrison, Meredith — (West Orange, FL)
   Muller, Elizabeth — (Lake Howell, FL)
   Murray, Allyson — (West Orange, FL)
   Najera, Evelyn — (Cypress Creek, FL)
   Newton, Christina — (Lake Brantley, FL)
   Olvey, Stephanie — (Lake Brantley, FL)
   Parsons, Arden — (Oviedo, FL)
   Patel, Shailee — (Lake Mary, FL)
   Peaks, Elizabeth — (Allen D. Nease, FL)
   Pendley, Kaley — (Lake Brantley, FL)
   Prouse, Kathryn — (Lake Brantley, FL)
   Ramsey, Erin — (Lake Howell, FL)
   Reed, Dana — (Oviedo, FL)
   Reed, Randi — (Olympia, FL)
   Reich, Rebecca — (Oviedo, FL)
   Reiche, Cari — (Lake Brantley, FL)
   Ritichai, Lynn — (Winter Park, FL)
   Rivera, Stefanie — (Oviedo, FL)
   Schneider, Caitlin — (Lake Howell, FL)
   Sheldon, Brittany — (Olympia, FL)
   Smith, Lauren — (West Orange, FL)
   Stafford, Stephanie — (Olympia, FL)
   Tilly, Sarah — (Timber Creek, FL)
   Tongco, Abagail — (Cypress Creek, FL)
   Tran, Brittany — (Lake Howell, FL)
   Wagner, Dana — (Oviedo, FL)
   Zastrow, Deanna — (Winter Park, FL)
Philadelphia-Eastern PA
   Anderson, Kristin — (Downingtown West, PA)
   Ballentyne, Laura — (Owen J. Roberts, PA)
   Barnes, Christie — (Radnor, PA)
   Bartolacci, Gina — (Council Rock North, PA)
   Bassani, Alice — (Haverford, PA)
   Beers, Kate — (Agnes Irwin, PA)
   Biddle, Hannah — (William Penn Charter, PA)
   Blanco, Tara — (West Chester Henderson, PA)
   Bloomer, Megan — (Conestoga, PA)
   Blundin, Kelly — (Plymouth Whitemarsh, PA)
   Borzelleca, Jessica — (Springfield (Montco), PA)
   Bosco, Kelly — (Archbishop Carroll, PA)
   Bowman, Maria — (Boyertown, PA)
   Bradburd, Rachel — (Friends Central, PA)
   Brady, Alexandra — (William Penn Charter, PA)
   Brennan, Megan — (Archbishop Carroll, PA)
   Brophy, Jess — (Archbishop Carroll, PA)
   Brown, Vanessa — (Owen J. Roberts, PA)
   Carroll, Molly — (Strath Haven, PA)
   Catelli, Marie — (Abington, PA)
   Chin, Tracy — (West Chester Henderson, PA)
   Christy, Julie — (Conestoga, PA)
   Coll, Vanessa — (Archbishop Carroll, PA)
   Costello, Maureen — (Haverford, PA)
   Costello, Nicole — (West Chester Henderson, PA)
   Crouse, Katy — (Boyertown, PA)
   Dando, Jackie — (West Chester Henderson, PA)
   Davis, Jill — (Ridley, PA)
   DePetris, Jacquelyn — (Archbishop Carroll, PA)
   Donovan, Katie — (Archbishop Carroll, PA)
   Doyle, Emily — (Shipley, PA)
   Edwards, Rebecca — (Springfield (Montco), PA)
   Ehret, Margaretha — (William Penn Charter, PA)
   Evans, Molly — (Downingtown East, PA)
   Farrell, Mary Kate — (Gwynedd Mercy, PA)
   Fazzini, Carolyn — (Plymouth Whitemarsh, PA)
   Fazzini, Jessica — (Plymouth Whitemarsh, PA)
   Fereshetlar, Cerise — (Upper Dublin, PA)
   Ferrell, Debbie — (Interboro, PA)
   Finelli, Nicole — (Germantown Academy, PA)
   Fiorentino, Michele — (Conestoga, PA)
   Fischer, Jordan — (Downingtown West, PA)
   Fitch, Chelsea — (Coatesville, PA)
   Flatmeier, Jenika — (Upper Dublin, PA)
   Fluehr, Jaime — (Springfield (Montco), PA)
   Franco, Carolyln — (Central Bucks East, PA)
   Gerstenberger, Krista — (Phoenixville, PA)
   Giedgowd, Sara — (Conestoga, PA)
   Grater, Alicia — (Boyertown, PA)
   Gray, Jane — (Springside, PA)
   Green, Mary Beth — (West Chester Henderson, PA)
   Greenberg, Sara — (Baldwin School, PA)
   Gushue, Leanne — (Owen J. Roberts, PA)
   Harris, Marnay — (Plymouth Whitemarsh, PA)
   Hatzell, Kelsey — (Haverford, PA)
   Hatzell, Marta — (Haverford, PA)
   Heck, Maddy — (Gwynedd Mercy, PA)
   Heffernan, Alison — (Agnes Irwin, PA)
   Hetznecker, Aubrey — (Upper Dublin, PA)
   Hillyard, Alexandra — (Episcopal Academy, PA)
   Hoffman, Lindsay — (Springford, PA)
   Hoynak, Leslie — (Central Bucks West, PA)
   Huestis, Alex — (Strath Haven, PA)
   Jessup, Karen — (Upper Moreland, PA)
   Johnston, Tori — (Agnes Irwin, PA)
   Joos, Lindsay — (Springfield (Montco), PA)
   Judge, Megan — (Villa Maria, PA)
   Karr, Christina — (Gwynedd Mercy, PA)
   Killgore, Rachel — (West Chester Henderson, PA)
   Kilpatrick, Alicia — (Villa Maria, PA)
   Kilty, Caitilin — (Downingtown West, PA)
   Kinosian, Sam — (Agnes Irwin, PA)
   Kob, Lexie — (Springford, PA)
   Kreider, Suzanne — (Wissahickon, PA)
   Kyle, Margaret — (Springside, PA)
   Lachman, Kate — (Radnor, PA)
   Leathers, Morgan — (West Chester Henderson, PA)
   Lubbe, Courtney — (Council Rock North, PA)
   Luken, Kim — (Plymouth Whitemarsh, PA)
   Maine, Emery — (Springside, PA)
   Malatesta, Alexandra — (Gwynedd Mercy, PA)
   Manula, Jenna — (Pottsgrove, PA)
   Martin, Allison — (Abington, PA)
   McCarthy, Ashleen — (Gwynedd Mercy, PA)
   McCoubrey, Kate — (Germantown Friends, PA)
   McDavid, Meghan — (Pennsbury, PA)
   McGrath, Annemarie — (Radnor, PA)
   McGrath, Lindsay — (Upper Moreland, PA)
   McKenna, Marie — (William Penn Charter, PA)
   McKernan, Anna — (Upper Dublin, PA)
   McMunigal, Virginia — (William Penn Charter, PA)
   McQuade, Kate — (Central Bucks West, PA)
   Mellone, Tina — (West Chester Henderson, PA)
   Michener, Jen — (Owen J. Roberts, PA)
   Modica, Alyssa — (Upper Moreland, PA)
   Moyer, Pam — (Boyertown, PA)
   Musciano, Carlyn — (Springfield (Montco), PA)
   Nadkarni, Lauren — (Friends Central, PA)
   Nash, Rachel — (Plymouth Whitemarsh, PA)
   O'Connor, Courtney — (Abington, PA)
   Paolantonio, Mary — (Villa Maria, PA)
   Persenaire, Christianne — (Phoenixville, PA)
   Pitt, Michelle — (Boyertown, PA)
   Polek, Christine — (Downingtown West, PA)
   Pulice, Elizabeth — (Upper Perkiomen, PA)
   Ralph, Elizabeth — (Shipley, PA)
   Rees, Maegan — (Springford, PA)
   Reidenouer, Katie — (Boyertown, PA)
   Rheiner, Erin — (Council Rock North, PA)
   Robinson, Erica — (Boyertown, PA)
   Rosenbaum, Marissa — (Upper Moreland, PA)
   Rugg, Stephanie — (William Penn Charter, PA)
   Ruminski, Kristin — (Boyertown, PA)
   Sawchuk, Jessica — (Springford, PA)
   Scholl, Kaitlyn — (Upper Perkiomen, PA)
   Sellers, Anita — (Agnes Irwin, PA)
   Shelton, Mary Fran — (North Penn, PA)
   Siegfried, Elizabeth — (Agnes Irwin, PA)
   Smith, Megan — (West Chester Henderson, PA) — junior
   Smith, Taylor — (West Chester Henderson, PA)
   Sparkes, Carrie — (Radnor, PA)
   Sparkes, Katie — (Radnor, PA)
   Staples, Claire — (Shipley, PA)
   Taylor, Cindy — (Boyertown, PA)
   Thren, Nicole — (Upper Perkiomen, PA)
   Tilney, Avery — (Germantown Friends, PA)
   Toole, Carly — (Downingtown East, PA)
   Tosti, Katie — (Villa Maria, PA)
   Valko, Courtney — (Phoenixville, PA)
   Wagner, Chelsie — (Phoenixville, PA)
   Wagner, Shaina — (Phoenixville, PA)
   Warren, Bethany — (Downingtown West, PA)
   Werley, Jenna — (Springfield (Delco), PA)
   Wheeler, Tessa — (Agnes Irwin, PA)
   Wiegand, Natalie — (Pennsbury, PA)
   Wilkinson, Amanda — (Downingtown West, PA)
   Williams, Jannette — (Pennsbury, PA)
   Wilson, Cindy — (West Chester Henderson, PA)
   Wister, Brittany — (Central Bucks West, PA)
   Wolcott, Hillary — (Agnes Irwin, PA)
   Wylie, Stacy — (Pennsbury, PA)
   Zimmer, Tracy — (Council Rock North, PA)
Pittsburgh-Western PA
   Adams, Elyse — (Mt. Lebanon, PA)
   Alesse, Shannon — (Upper St. Clair, PA)
   Ali, Katie — (Upper St. Clair, PA)
   Anderson, Taylor — (Mt. Lebanon, PA)
   Beuke, Lauren — (Mt. Lebanon, PA)
   Bonaroti, Marielle — (Franklin Regional, PA)
   Branovan, Melissa — (Upper St. Clair, PA)
   Caprio, Betsy — (Seton La Salle, PA)
   Carley, Cassi — (Sewickley Academy, PA)
   Chavez, Jean — (Mt. Lebanon, PA)
   Conway, Maureen — (Franklin Regional, PA)
   Doran, Amanda — (Peters Township, PA)
   Elliott, Elise — (University, PA)
   Gaul, Calli — (Upper St. Clair, PA)
   Gilmore, Olivia — (Franklin Regional, PA)
   Harbist, Mary — (Sewickley Academy, PA)
   Hatch, Mary-Alice — (Peters Township, PA)
   Kaye, Elise — (Sewickley Academy, PA)
   Kiger, Lesley — (Ellis School, PA)
   King, Ashley — (University, PA)
   Lackner, Katarina — (Sewickley Academy, PA)
   Livengood, Hannah — (Franklin Regional, PA)
   Lusin, Deirdre — (University, PA)
   Manzo, Caity — (Mt. Lebanon, PA)
   Murray, Anne — (Mt. Lebanon, PA)
   Nelson, Sarah — (Ellis School, PA)
   Nuss, Jeannie — (Seton La Salle, PA)
   Perriello, Dana — (Franklin Regional, PA)
   Petroceia, Megan — (Upper St. Clair, PA)
   Reese, Rebecca — (University, PA)
   Rengers, Emily — (University, PA)
   Riley, Tori — (Mt. Lebanon, PA)
   Rosen, Katy — (Mt. Lebanon, PA)
   Satterfield, Tara — (Mt. Lebanon, PA)
   Schaefer, Stephanie — (Upper St. Clair, PA)
   Schneider, Sarah — (Seton La Salle, PA)
   Sedney, Abby — (Upper St. Clair, PA)
   Teeple, Julie — (Mt. Lebanon, PA)
   Terhune, Brittany — (Peters Township, PA)
   Urick, Brittany — (Sewickley Academy, PA)
   Volz, Sierra Laventure — (Winchester Thurston, PA)
   Warner, Krista — (University, PA)
   Wey, Ashley — (Mt. Lebanon, PA)
   Wilson, Whitney — (North Allegheny, PA)
   Zanic, Christina — (Upper St. Clair, PA)
   Addison, Sarah — (Oakton, VA)
   Andresen, Allison — (Osbourn Park, VA)
   Arberg, Cary — (Bishop Ireton, VA)
   Austin, Marika — (Sandy Spring Friends, MD)
   Ayodele, Sayo — (Sandy Spring Friends, MD)
   Balis, Ashley — (Osbourn, VA)
   Barrett, Anna — (National Cathedral, DC)
   Belani, Kiran — (Montgomery Blair, MD)
   Berger, Kathleen — (Paul VI Catholic, VA)
   Beringer, Katie — (Bishop Ireton, VA)
   Bernier, Joanna — (Bishop Ireton, VA)
   Berry, Megan — (Annandale, VA)
   Bridges, Maggie — (Paul VI Catholic, VA)
   Candelaria, Angelica — (Osbourn, VA)
   Carpen, Abby — (St. Stephen's & St. Agnes, VA)
   Casey, Chrisi — (Holton-Arms School, MD)
   Clark, Erin — (Fairfax, VA)
   Costilo, Betsy — (Montgomery Blair, MD)
   Curry, Sarah — (Oakton, VA)
   Cushing, Erin — (Bishop Ireton, VA)
   Daubert, Sarah — (Osbourn, VA)
   Delaney, Katie — (Robinson Secondary, VA)
   Driskill, Madelaine Johns — (Montgomery Blair, MD)
   Ekfelt, Mikki — (St. Stephen's & St. Agnes, VA)
   Finkel, Lauren — (Montgomery Blair, MD)
   Flynn, Casey — (Georgetown Visitation, VA)
   Friar, Charlotte — (Lake Braddock Secondary, VA)
   Gannon, Melody — (Wheaton, MD)
   Gignoux, Caroline — (National Cathedral, DC)
   Goldberg, Lisa — (Richard Montgomery, MD)
   Gongaware, Kathryn — (James Madison, VA)
   Gorsky, Allison — (Richard Montgomery, MD)
   Gotwald, Julia — (St. Stephen's & St. Agnes, VA)
   Graham, Marine — (National Cathedral, DC)
   Greksouk, Liz — (Bishop Ireton, VA)
   Hanner, Whitney — (Oakton, VA)
   Harris, Amelia — (Robinson Secondary, VA)
   Harshburger, Sarah — (Sandy Spring Friends, MD)
   Hilton, Brittany — (Poolesville, MD)
   Jones, Casey — (Sandy Spring Friends, MD)
   Kelch, Elaine — (Lake Braddock Secondary, VA)
   Klein, Heather — (Lake Braddock Secondary, VA)
   Lee, Alexandra — (St. Andrew's Episcopal, DC)
   MacGregor, Megan — (Poolesville, MD)
   Maloy, Brigid — (Bishop Ireton, VA)
   Martin, Elizabeth — (James Madison, VA)
   McLemore, Lauren — (St. Stephen's & St. Agnes, VA)
   Merritt, Ellie — (Sandy Spring Friends, MD)
   Milnes, Karen — (Heritage, VA)
   Noonan, Laura — (Paul VI Catholic, VA)
   O'Connor, Kerry — (Paul VI Catholic, VA)
   Olson, Jen — (Bishop Ireton, VA)
   Palmatier, Lianne — (Osbourn, VA)
   Palmisano, Carrie — (Paul VI Catholic, VA)
   Rabil, Kelly — (Robinson Secondary, VA)
   Richards, Brianna — (Osbourn Park, VA)
   Schroth, Kristen — (James Madison, VA)
   Shannon, Kerry — (Osbourn Park, VA)
   Shartel, Andie — (Poolesville, MD)
   Smith, Alexandra — (James Madison, VA)
   Stone, Annie — (Georgetown Visitation, VA)
   Storicek, Emily — (Poolesville, MD)
   Stranix, Katie — (Georgetown Visitation, VA)
   Sullivan, Rae — (Bishop Ireton, VA)
   Thach, Christine — (Fairfax, VA)
   Thompson, Beth — (Georgetown Visitation, VA)
   Thompson, Jamie — (Richard Montgomery, MD)
   Tiernan, Emily — (Holton-Arms School, MD)
   Valle, Liza Del — (Wheaton, MD)
   Vandenberg, Caroline — (St. Stephen's & St. Agnes, VA)
   Walls, Wrenn — (Sandy Spring Friends, MD)
   Walsh, Ashley — (Lake Braddock Secondary, VA)
   Weilke, Paige — (Osbourn, VA)
   Welsh, Katie — (Oakton, VA)
   Welti, Michelle — (Heritage, VA)
   Xue, Jin — (Wheaton, MD)
   Zapolski, Marie — (Paul VI Catholic, VA)
Rhode Island
   Giuliano, Katie — (Barrington, RI)
   Ehrlich, Heather — (Potomac, VA)
   Hairfield, Sara — (Collegiate School, VA)
   Hess, Allison — (Potomac, VA)
   Stockholm, Sara — (Potomac, VA)
San Diego
   Alfred, Mary — (University of San Diego, CA)
   Andler, Caroline — (St. Margaret's Episcopal, CA)
   Ash, Kelsy — (Santana, CA)
   Bardeen, Kristen — (Fallbrook, CA)
   Boyd, Caitlin — (Bishop's School, CA)
   Braithwaite, Savannah — (St. Margaret's Episcopal, CA)
   Brooks, Chelsea — (St. Margaret's Episcopal, CA)
   Carothers, Maggie — (Mt. Carmel, CA)
   Carpenter, Caitie — (Francis Parker, CA)
   Casterline, Rebecca — (San Dieguito Academy, CA)
   Castle, Elizabeth — (La Jolla, CA)
   Chin, Annie — (Bishop's School, CA)
   Chin-Lee, Brittany — (Francis Parker, CA)
   Clyman, Dana — (San Dieguito Academy, CA)
   Cook, Nicole — (Fallbrook, CA)
   Cook, Savannah — (San Dieguito Academy, CA)
   Copper, Alexandra — (Francis Parker, CA)
   Demorest, Jessica — (St. Margaret's Episcopal, CA)
   Felzer, Jamie — (San Dieguito Academy, CA)
   Freany, Courtney — (Fallbrook, CA)
   Geise, Adrienne — (Francis Parker, CA)
   Gonzalez, Brianna — (La Jolla, CA)
   Herron-Sweet, Lizz — (Bishop's School, CA)
   Hoehn, Jo Hannah — (Bishop's School, CA)
   Hoehn, Susanah — (Bishop's School, CA)
   Ichikawa, Eri — (Torrey Pines, CA)
   Inman, Amy — (Francis Parker, CA)
   Inveiss, Alda — (Francis Parker, CA)
   Ivarsson, Karolin — (Coronado, CA)
   Jaye, Caitlin — (La Jolla, CA)
   Kalkstein, Kaitlin — (La Jolla, CA)
   Kennedy, Caitlin — (Coronado, CA)
   Kruer, Jenny — (Francis Parker, CA)
   Kushner, Whitney — (St. Margaret's Episcopal, CA)
   Lam, Jennifer — (Fallbrook, CA)
   Lary, Rachel — (Torrey Pines, CA)
   Laws, Amanda — (Mt. Carmel, CA)
   Levin, Becca — (Bishop's School, CA)
   Lewis, Maggie — (Coronado, CA)
   Lopez, Janelle — (Francis Parker, CA)
   Lozoya, Shannon — (Santana, CA)
   Martin, Allison — (University of San Diego, CA)
   Monsalvo, Alva — (Preuss School-UCSD, CA)
   Moses, Lauren — (Mt. Carmel, CA)
   Nagler, Marisa — (Coronado, CA)
   Naple, Angela Marguerite — (Coronado, CA)
   Naple, Lindsay — (Coronado, CA)
   Negrete, Lindsey — (Coronado, CA)
   Nemerow, Caroline — (San Dieguito Academy, CA)
   Rains, Courtney — (Francis Parker, CA)
   Scoma, Angie — (Fallbrook, CA)
   Strock, Sarah — (San Dieguito Academy, CA)
   Tranter, Leanne — (St. Margaret's Episcopal, CA)
   Trimble, Erin — (La Jolla, CA)
   Ung, Sokkim — (Fallbrook, CA)
   Vazquez, Adrianna — (Bishop's School, CA)
   Vo, Jennifer — (Preuss School-UCSD, CA)
   Vojak, Brittany — (Fallbrook, CA)
   Wade-West, Emma — (St. Margaret's Episcopal, CA)
   Waller, Emma — (St. Margaret's Episcopal, CA)
   Webster, Courtney — (Mt. Carmel, CA)
   Wenrick, Courtney — (Torrey Pines, CA)
   Wilkins, Claire — (San Dieguito Academy, CA)
   Wright, Becky — (Bishop's School, CA)
   Ziering, Emily — (Francis Parker, CA)
South Carolina
   Agee, Jennifer — (Bluffton, SC)
   Daniels, Lia — (Academic Magnet, SC)
   Ellerbe, Caitlyn — (Bluffton, SC)
   Jenkins, Brittany — (Ft. Dorchester, SC)
   Lasso, Kerry — (Mauldin, SC)
   Locklar, Gillian — (Ft. Dorchester, SC)
   Louis, Erin — (Riverside, SC)
   Mosley, Ashlei — (Bishop England, SC)
   Ring, Amanda — (Riverside, SC)
   Treadaway, Jordan — (Bluffton, SC)
   Walker, Lindsay — (Bluffton, SC)
   Wehlitz, Laura — (Riverside, SC)
South Central Texas
   Ashby, Emily — (Woodlands, TX)
   Bonnot, Megan — (Woodlands, TX)
   Dyal, Madison — (St. Andrew's School, TX)
   Elkin, Jessica — (Woodlands, TX)
   Gray, Katie — (Woodlands, TX)
   Hoffman, Lauryn — (Memorial, TX)
   Hyland, Jackie — (Cy-Fair, TX)
   Jones, Danielle — (Bellaire, TX)
   Mansfield, Christine — (Bellaire, TX)
   Mitchell, Stephanie — (Langham Creek, TX)
   Richards, Jennifer — (Memorial, TX)
   Smullen, Katy — (Cy-Fair, TX)
   Taube, Sara — (St. Andrew's School, TX)
   Tiner, Keri — (Kinkaid School, TX)
   Venkatesh, Sheila — (Memorial, TX)
   Wallis, Lauren — (Cy-Fair, TX)
   Whitehead, Charlotte — (Langham Creek, TX)
South Florida
   Amico, Katherine — (Vero Beach, FL)
   Applebaum, Dani — (Saint Andrew's School, FL)
   Burroughs, Caitlin — (John I. Leonard, FL)
   Chung, Yuri — (Cypress Bay, FL)
   Echemendia, Rachel — (Cypress Bay, FL)
   Epstein, Danielle — (Miami Palmetto, FL)
   Ferretti, Larissa — (Vero Beach, FL)
   Fine, Zoe — (Saint Andrew's School, FL)
   Fischlowitz, Andrea — (Saint Andrew's School, FL)
   Gagnon, April — (Spanish River, FL)
   Gagnon, Robyn — (Spanish River, FL)
   Giddens, Ashley — (Miami Palmetto, FL)
   Gobie, Tyler — (Miami Palmetto, FL)
   Guardia, Michelle della — (Pine Crest School, FL)
   Harangody, Michelle — (John I. Leonard, FL)
   Hiers, Sara — (John I. Leonard, FL)
   Hogan, Jesse — (Vero Beach, FL)
   Jakubczyk, Allison — (Cypress Bay, FL)
   Kahn, Jennifer — (Pine Crest School, FL)
   Kelley, Lauren — (Vero Beach, FL)
   Kramer, Cressey — (Vero Beach, FL)
   Kramer, Stephanie — (Saint Andrew's School, FL)
   Laine, Annikki — (John I. Leonard, FL)
   Molliner, Ingrid — (John I. Leonard, FL)
   Paxson, Donna Olivia — (Saint Andrew's School, FL)
   Rabinowitz, Jessica — (Pine Crest School, FL)
   Rathbun, Dana — (Vero Beach, FL)
   Russell, Brittani — (Vero Beach, FL)
   Rust, Megan — (Vero Beach, FL)
   Schimpf, Tara — (Pine Crest School, FL)
   Schlitt, Natalie — (Vero Beach, FL)
   Siegel, Diane — (Wellington, FL)
   Torres, Anna — (Vero Beach, FL)
   Wright, Casey — (Spanish River, FL)
St. Louis-Missouri
   Agathen, Emily — (Nerinx Hall, MO)
   Brimer, Alexis — (Parkway South, MO)
   Brunetto, Kelsy — (Parkway South, MO)
   Bunyard, Kristina — (Parkway South, MO)
   Burkham, Marguerite — (MICDS, MO)
   Freeman, Meredith — (MICDS, MO)
   Godfrey, Sarah — (Nerinx Hall, MO)
   Heimbaugh, Lauren — (Parkway South, MO)
   Hogan, Kelly — (Parkway South, MO)
   Hogan, Mary Kate — (Nerinx Hall, MO) — senior
   Horan, Christina — (MICDS, MO)
   Murray, Bridget — (Nerinx Hall, MO)
   Newby, Jennifer — (Parkway South, MO)
   O'Donnell, Samantha — (Hazelwood Central, MO)
   Rogge, Megan — (Nerinx Hall, MO)
   Rust, Nicole — (Parkway South, MO)
   Schnurbusch, Kimberly — (Ursuline Academy, MO)
   Scott, Shelby — (MICDS, MO)
   Sihilling, Lindsay — (Parkway South, MO)
   Weintraub, Samantha — (MICDS, MO)
   Wilcox, Colleen — (Ursuline Academy, MO)
   Zanaboni, Alli — (Nerinx Hall, MO)
   Harrison, Juliette — (Brentwood, TN/Ravenwood, TN)
Upstate New York
   Alexareler, Shyla Rae — (Carthage, NY)
   Barry, Catherine — (Liverpool, NY)
   Bodwitch, Hekia — (Skaneateles, NY)
   Bubnack, Betsy — (West Genesee, NY)
   Callahan, Cassidy — (Skaneateles, NY)
   Carman, Katya — (Watertown, NY)
   Costello, Casey — (Fayetteville-Manlius, NY)
   Dattellas, Ashley — (West Genesee, NY)
   Davis, Carolyn — (Skaneateles, NY)
   DeBlois, Katie — (Fayetteville-Manlius, NY)
   Delperuto, Kim — (West Genesee, NY)
   Devaney, Katherine — (Fayetteville-Manlius, NY)
   Didio, Ashley — (West Genesee, NY)
   Dube, Leslie — (Marcellus, NY)
   Evans, Caitlin — (Cazenovia, NY)
   Fahey, Anna — (West Genesee, NY)
   Fitzpatrick, Erin — (Watertown, NY)
   Fletcher, Jessica — (Liverpool, NY)
   Fortier, Molly — (Horseheads, NY)
   Gardiner, Heather — (Liverpool, NY)
   Guinta, Janelle — (Baldwinsville, NY)
   Haggerty, Breanna — (Skaneateles, NY)
   Hanlon, Kelly — (Marcellus, NY)
   Hannan, Mary-Kate — (Christian Brothers Academy, NY)
   Hastrich, Molly — (Horseheads, NY)
   Henn, Kali — (Cazenovia, NY)
   Holleran, Meghan — (Horseheads, NY)
   Jaacks, Meghan — (Watertown, NY)
   Jackson, Meghan — (West Genesee, NY)
   Jenkins, Megan — (Baldwinsville, NY)
   Johnston, Alexandra — (Fayetteville-Manlius, NY)
   Keenan, Kenzie — (Horseheads, NY)
   Kravec, Jamie — (Horseheads, NY)
   Kulczycky, Nadia — (Cazenovia, NY)
   Lawler, Meghan — (Liverpool, NY)
   Leone, Caitlin — (Auburn, NY)
   Liebmann, Michelle — (Jamesville DeWitt, NY)
   Macaulay, Alyssa — (General Brown, NY)
   Mayhew, Mallory — (Liverpool, NY)
   McKillop, Brittani — (Cazenovia, NY)
   Misercola, Amber — (Watertown, NY)
   Misercola, Brittany — (Watertown, NY)
   Moore, Kate — (Cazenovia, NY)
   Murphy, Danielle — (Skaneateles, NY)
   Pirozzolo, Katie — (Horseheads, NY)
   Ponge, Sarah — (Christian Brothers Academy, NY)
   Rybinski, Erica — (Fayetteville-Manlius, NY)
   Schneeberger, Katie — (Watertown, NY)
   Slowik, Kara — (West Genesee, NY)
   Streeter, Karen — (Carthage, NY)
   Swieck, Jennifer — (Liverpool, NY)
   Taylor, Kristen — (Fayetteville-Manlius, NY)
   Vitkus, Lauren — (Skaneateles, NY)
   Wagner, Lynsey — (Horseheads, NY)
   Walsh, Liz — (Liverpool, NY)
   Walter, Kathleen — (Marcellus, NY)
   Woods, Kayla — (Fayetteville-Manlius, NY)
   del Solar, Kathryn Lauren — (Carthage, NY)
   Leader, Elizabeth — (Park City, UT)
   Myrup, Staci — (Murray, UT)
   Andrews, Megan — (Mount Anthony Union, VT)
   Bisaccio, Lindsay — (Mount Anthony Union, VT)
   Bowen, Amanda — (Burr & Burton Academy, VT)
   Buck, Amanda — (Mount Anthony Union, VT)
   Fox, Bethany — (Champlain Valley Union, VT)
   Giebink, Casey — (Champlain Valley Union, VT)
   Incavo, Stephanie — (South Burlington, VT)
   Michl, Louisa — (Burr & Burton Academy, VT)
   Murphy, Allicia — (Mount Anthony Union, VT)
   Noel, Keri — (Mount Anthony Union, VT)
   Porter, Tara — (Mount Anthony Union, VT)
   Secor, Erica — (Mount Anthony Union, VT)
   Stroupe, Caitlin — (Champlain Valley Union, VT)
   Thompson, Maryann — (Champlain Valley Union, VT)
   Annis, Jessica — (Bainbridge Island, WA)
   Bachen, Kathryn — (Bainbridge Island, WA)
   Banel, Cassie — (Holy Names Academy, WA)
   Benz, Laurel — (Mercer Island, WA)
   Brawner, Colbi — (Bainbridge Island, WA)
   Buchen, Blair — (Holy Names Academy, WA)
   Chan, Margaux — (Holy Names Academy, WA)
   Cramer, Emily — (Lakeside School, WA)
   Davis, Hannah — (Bainbridge Island, WA)
   Do, Hong-Nhi — (Garfield, WA)
   Eisenhart, Emily — (Holy Names Academy, WA)
   Elston, Kate — (Mercer Island, WA)
   Gulbranson, Amy — (Bainbridge Island, WA)
   Heinz, Lisa — (Overlake School, WA)
   Jurkovich, Allison — (Mercer Island, WA)
   Kent, Annie — (Bainbridge Island, WA)
   Levesque, Madeline — (Holy Names Academy, WA)
   Loe, Isabel — (Holy Names Academy, WA)
   Lokatis, Dimitra — (Bainbridge Island, WA)
   Lund, Lindsay — (Bainbridge Island, WA)
   Mesher, Kelsey — (Mercer Island, WA)
   Peterson, Carolyn — (Mercer Island, WA)
   Riggers, Amanda — (Holy Names Academy, WA)
   Rivenburgh, Hannah — (Overlake School, WA)
   Shibuya, Kendall — (Holy Names Academy, WA)
   Smith, Katie — (Overlake School, WA)
   Swarts, Tanya — (Mercer Island, WA)
   Toepel, Christen — (Bainbridge Island, WA)
   Turnbow, Haley — (Overlake School, WA)
   Villanueva, Christine — (Holy Names Academy, WA)
   Winnicki, Alexandra — (Bainbridge Island, WA)
   Wistrand, Amie — (North Kitsap, WA)
   de Regt, Anna — (Overlake School, WA)
Western Maryland
   Abel, Sandra — (Urbana, MD)
   Bollinger, Katie — (Winters Mill, MD)
   Bosley, Kristy — (Winters Mill, MD)
   Burkhart, Alicia — (Century, MD)
   Buzzell, Bethany — (Urbana, MD)
   Comegys, Kearston — (Walkersville, MD)
   Falcone, Amber — (Winters Mill, MD)
   Gamble, Molly — (Century, MD)
   Goge, Nicole — (Winters Mill, MD)
   Gysin, Kendall — (Urbana, MD)
   Harrison, Becky — (Winters Mill, MD)
   Hawes, Rachel — (Century, MD)
   Haynos, Kathleen Ann — (St. John's-Prospect Hall, MD)
   Hertsch, Katie — (Winters Mill, MD)
   Hessler, Victoria — (Walkersville, MD)
   Hildebrand, Elisabeth — (Walkersville, MD)
   Hopkins, Erinn — (Urbana, MD)
   Jones, Marjory — (St. John's-Prospect Hall, MD)
   Kaminkow, Jessica — (Century, MD)
   Love, Lindsay — (Winters Mill, MD)
   McGuire, Karie — (Urbana, MD)
   McGuire, Megan — (Century, MD)
   Patschak, Brittany — (Walkersville, MD)
   Reynolds, Louisa — (Urbana, MD)
   Ruppert, Kathleen — (St. John's-Prospect Hall, MD)
   Sykes, Sydney — (Winters Mill, MD)
   Trilling, Grace — (Winters Mill, MD)
   Warner, Meghan — (St. John's-Prospect Hall, MD)
   Williams, Barbara — (Walkersville, MD)
Western New York
   Alvut, Natalie — (Williamsville North, NY)
   Arlington, Katie — (Amherst, NY)
   Badding, Danielle — (Williamsville North, NY)
   Battaglia, Christine — (Williamsville North, NY)
   Berry, Andrea — (Williamsville North, NY)
   Blinkoff, Hope — (Nichols School, NY)
   Boulos, Hannya — (Nichols School, NY)
   Bronnenkant, Lindsay — (Amherst, NY)
   Coleman, Jennifer — (Newfane, NY)
   Cookson, Jaclyn — (Williamsville North, NY)
   Demakos, Elizabeth — (Nichols School, NY)
   Dotto, Laura Del — (Buffalo Seminary, NY)
   Ferrentino, Gina — (West Seneca East, NY)
   Fetzer, Rebecca — (Grand Island, NY)
   Gagliardo, Brittany — (East Aurora, NY)
   Harrington, Fallon — (West Seneca East, NY)
   Hilliard, Sara — (Grand Island, NY)
   Jaus, Margaret — (Amherst, NY)
   Kingdon, Emma — (Nichols School, NY)
   Koelmel, Elizabeth — (Nichols School, NY)
   Macguire, Meghan — (Grand Island, NY)
   Mallison, Carrie — (Williamsville North, NY)
   Marrano, Tina — (West Seneca East, NY)
   McQueeney, Madeleine — (Nichols School, NY)
   Miller, Anne — (Buffalo Seminary, NY)
   Morrow, Anne — (Nichols School, NY)
   Narduzzo, Stephanie — (Clarence, NY)
   Riggi, Marissa — (Williamsville North, NY)
   Rogers, Kathy — (Grand Island, NY)
   Sanborn, Casey — (Nichols School, NY)
   Smith, Claire — (Buffalo Seminary, NY)
   Sterlace, Carmen — (West Seneca East, NY)
   Stickl, Jessica — (Grand Island, NY)
   Worrell, Mary — (Buffalo Seminary, NY)

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