July 2008. The historical list has had a major revision with the addition of 1,065 missing names and the removal of 82 others.  Errors and omissions certainly remain.  If you have corrections or updates, let us know and supply documentation if available, but please check names carefully first.

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First, limit the display by using one or more of the search options.  To be selected, players must meet all criteria specified.  For the college and name fields; searches are not case sensitive.  Second, change the sort fields if you want them different from the defaults.
        College (full or partial):
        Award(s): Player of the Year   Position POY
        Multiple AA Years: N/A 2+ awards 3+ awards 4+ awards
             [Consider making the first sort by Player or
              the first by College, the second by Player.]
        Old Positions: Show old-style positions when available.
        Year (four digits):
        Last Name (full or partial): Show other spellings for names (usually last name), if any, that we have come across. In rare instances, other notes appear in this field.

Nicknames are available for about half of the players.
        First Name (full or partial):
        Nickname (full or partial):
        Name Display: Last, First (Nickname)
Last, First
Last, Nickname -- or Last, First if no nickname
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