Women's Division II
TeamRecordPower RatingsPR Rank
Rollins3-912-30.550   66.2472.409.54301416
Slippery Rock0-175-120.294   53.3165.5718.97423111
Franklin Pierce2-115-90.203   58.9465.7512.0539309
Kutztown2-72-14-0.097   56.8663.4712.3740328
St. Andrews5-1211-80.285   67.5670.215.6627207
Merrimack7-68-7-0.005   70.6272.183.7922157
Shippensburg4-139-80.294   68.2470.264.8525196
Bloomsburg9-912-60.167   71.8974.284.3017116
East Stroudsburg11-77-10-0.199   69.7770.272.9323185
Bentley7-109-90.088   71.0671.032.0721165
Indiana (PA)3-145-100.157   61.7866.869.5833294
Notre Dame (OH)2-34-20.267   67.6769.524.8326224
American International0-142-120.143   54.3958.1010.0841392
Regis (CO)1-85-50.389   66.6267.554.1729272
Dowling9-59-40.049   73.8076.303.931192
Mercyhurst12-314-4-0.022   76.5777.882.02862
Adelphi16-118-00.059   82.3584.901.80312
Lock Haven15-418-40.029   77.8479.251.80642
Dominican0-102-90.182   53.0756.5710.2043421
Lees-McRae0-156-120.333   60.8462.806.6735341
Chestnut Hill2-68-70.283   60.0560.975.8236351
Seton Hill3-115-100.119   59.2559.435.2838371
Assumption2-121-11-0.060   60.0360.185.0537361
New Haven14-316-4-0.024   74.2977.404.42981
Saint Anselm5-105-90.024   66.8467.493.8328280
Belmont Abbey12-714-50.105   73.3873.962.1012120
Gannon10-311-4-0.036   76.6877.571.57770
Stonehill14-310-6-0.199   78.6178.39-0.04550
C.W. Post16-216-20.000   83.0081.14-2.8123-1
West Chester20-114-3-0.129   84.9081.24-5.1112-1
S. New Hampshire12-513-40.059   74.1573.310.471013-3
Georgian Court11-515-30.146   71.5470.040.461821-3
Pfeiffer8-812-70.132   72.7470.86-0.221317-4
Wilmington6-66-11-0.147   62.2559.251.313238-6
Southern Connecticut3-121-13-0.129   61.4258.091.193440-6
Queens11-75-13-0.333   71.2467.75-1.472026-6
Limestone17-117-3-0.094   80.2375.78-4.72410-6
Millersville8-76-10-0.158   72.2269.50-0.941523-8
Molloy9-77-9-0.125   72.0969.14-1.141624-8
Saint Michael's9-74-10-0.277   69.2463.17-3.562433-9
Philadelphia12-510-7-0.118   72.4067.90-2.781425-11
St. Thomas Aquinas2-111-8-0.043   64.3854.99-5.683143-12


  • Only teams that played in both years are included.  However, power rating (PR) ranks were not altered to account for the differences.

  • Teams with the same PR on ratings pages may have different ranks here (e.g., if two teams have a PR of 84.50 and ratings-page ranks of 27 and 28, respectively, their ranks may be reversed on this page, as ordering in the case of ties is arbitary).

  • Teams are shown in descending order by change in PR rank and then by change in PR.

  • Power rating change accounts for differences in the mean PR and the standard deviation between the two years and cannot be derived by subtraction.

  • Greater change is naturally possible -- and in fact probable -- in the divisions having more teams.

  • If they change, teams ranked towards the extremes last year generally have only one way to go; they can also change the most.
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