Lacrosse College Recruits and High School Recruiting

These unofficial lists contain verbal commitments, early signers, recruits, and walk-ons.  Some of the latter will not make the team, but neither will some recruits.  A status flag (albeit imperfect) should help identify which is which.

Because a player is on the list does not mean that he or she has signed a national letter of intent (NLI) or otherwise made a commitment to attend a school.  The NLI program is tied to an offer of athletic aid, and some Div. I schools do not participate in the program.  Players listed may not yet have been accepted for admission.  For details on the NLI — administered by the Collegiate Commissioners Association (CCA) — see the NCAA FAQs and the NLI web site. 

To send names or corrections, use the submission formWe are especially interested in hearing from coaches.   

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Listings of Recruits & Verbal Commitments

Year Players
Begin College*
Men's Recruits**Women's Recruits**
2019-2020List by  College  Player  or  SearchList by  College  Player  or  Search
2018-2019List by  College  Player  or  SearchList by  College  Player  or  Search
2017-2018List by  College  Player  or  SearchList by  College  Player  or  Search
2016-2017List by  College  Player  or  SearchList by  College  Player  or  Search
2015-2016List by  College  Player  or  SearchList by  College  Player  or  Search
2014-2015List by  College  Player  or  SearchList by  College  Player  or  Search
2013-2014List by  College  Player  or  SearchList by  College  Player  or  Search
2012-2013List by  College  Player  or  SearchList by  College  Player  or  Search
2011-2012List by  College  Player  or  SearchList by  College  Player  or  Search
2010-2011List by  College  Player  or  SearchList by  College  Player  or  Search
2009-2010List by  College  Player  or  SearchList by  College  Player  or  Search
2008-2009List by  College  Player  or  SearchList by  College  Player  or  Search
2007-2008List by  College  Player  or  SearchList by  College  Player  or  Search
  * Unless the player is a transfer, in which case the year refers to the start year at the listed school.
** Search is best for listing players from one college, HS, etc.  Also see the FAQs & Tips link above.

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