Lacrosse Tournaments & Leagues

LaxPower has discontinued its own camp/clinic and tournament/league listings. Moving forward, we will be using the listings from our parent company,

Basic listings at are free. We believe they also offer featured listings, and there is a possibility that they will carry "advertorial" units that combine graphics and text with a special placement. We do NOT have any details about either possibility, and everything will be handled through Active.

Active's listings should begin appearing on LaxPower during the first quarter of 2011. If you have one or more events to list, we would encourage you to submit them. Go to and then ...


There should be a block in the center of the page for tournaments with an "Add a tournament" link. In case it's not there, the direct link to the free sign-up is


To list a camp, things are more complicated. You will first probably need to create an user account. After doing so, notice the green block at the top right of the blue logo banner. Click on "Post an Activity" and then select the "organizer/administrator" option.

You will now be at the online registration set-up page**, where it appears that you have to use Active's registration system for your camp participants. They do have an excellent system, and you are certainly encouraged to check it out. However, if you proceed with the listing process, you will see that the use of the system is NOT required. When you get to the Contact Information screen, there is an option at the bottom to "display this listing without online registration."

** If you have questions, please note the links to "frequently asked questions" and "contact us" on the initial online registration set-up page. The latter includes a telephone number, and we found the service to be quite helpful.

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