Lax Coach Mike Lacrosse Drill: Motion Offense to 3v2

By Mike Muetzel,

This is a great lacrosse drill I learned from a great lacrosse coach. Most coaches have learned the benefits of placing a priority of running more transition drills in practice. And clearly on my own teams and in the articles I have written, I too am a big proponent of transition drills and transition lacrosse.

There are still those of you who remain dedicated to running 6v6 for 20 minutes every day. You want to find ways to ensure that your offensive philosophies are clearly reinforced to your teams. I may not agree with the vehicle, but I get it. What if there was a way where we could do both and still have a fast-paced transition drill? This is the kind of drill players love. Coach Berkman at Salisbury has an awesome way of weaving his offensive philosophies into almost every drill while maintaining a fast pace and a transition element.

It is still a transition ball movement drill that simply begins with the opening look from your offensive plays. It is fast and game realistic. Actually, my experience has been that players actually start to run the offense faster because of this drill.

In the drill, Berkman illustrates the idea of reinforcing basic motion offensive techniques into a 3v2. With a little creativity, if you are not using motion, just begin the drill with your basic offense and the initial movements into a 3v2. In this case, the motion is a pass back to re-direct to the weak side via passing top side. You could easily modify the drill to run the first look of the motion through X.

In our motion, we drive from up top (in the drawing below O2). As he drives, O1 vacates the space while O3 then mirrors or fills the space. We re-direct the ball across the top with a pass to O3. This is the initial movement of our base motion offense. So we are going to reinforce this concept and then go immediately into a transition-oriented 3v2 drill. So there, now we have the best of both worlds.

In this case, we have the two defenders in the 3v2 stacked above the crease. We have D1 actually run a bit with O2 as he drives and then immediately on the pass back, he has to recover to the inside hub, as O2 passes back to the top of the box. Now we quickly move the ball to a good look at the cage into a basic 3v2 transition drill.


If you like to have a middie in the crease, add him to the drill with another defender. After the drive and the first pass back, continue with one more pass back then immediately into a 4v3 transition look.

With a little creativity you can integrate pieces of your offense plays or philosophies into almost any transition drill and emulate a game scenario, reinforce you principles, and let players have a blast in transition.

I am anxious to try this and hope you will pass on your comments to us. As in all lacrosse practice drills, please keep the pace upbeat. is a unique site for lacrosse coaches, offering drills and ideas from the greatest coaches in the country. E-mail your comments to

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