Major League Lacrosse Rule Changes for the 2017 Season

BOSTON (January 20, 2017) Major League Lacrosse announced two adjustments to the league's rule book that will take effect immediately.

At the faceoff, referees will call "set" after the players are properly positioned and prior to stepping away from the faceoff X. They will then blow the whistle one to two seconds after stepping clear of the area. The rule previously stated that referees would call "set" and blow the whistle simultaneously after clearing the faceoff area.

Any player who accrues five separate personal fouls or 10 minutes of penalty time in a single game will be ejected from that game. The player will be subject to possible suspension from future games.

"Both of these changes were made with the intention of improving our product on the field," MLL Lacrosse Operations Manager Colin Keane said. "We work with our faceoff specialists at the end of each season to determine how we can make the faceoff better, and the cadence was the one area that was continuously mentioned, which is where that change stemmed from. We also wanted to maximize player safety by adding an extra deterrent for piling up penalty minutes."

Both changes were voted on and approved by team general managers.


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