Results of the 2017 Major League Lacrosse Collegiate Draft

BOSTON, MA The Florida Launch selected 2016 Tewaaraton Award winner Dylan Molloy with the first overall selection in the 2017 MLL Collegiate Draft on Sunday.

The Boston Cannons took Notre Dame midfielder Sergio Perkovic with the second overall selection, and Maryland's Matt Rambo, went third to the Charlotte Hounds.

Round 1                               Player               School
1. Florida Launch Dylan Molloy Brown
2. Boston Cannons (from ATL) Sergio Perkovic Notre Dame
3. Charlotte Hounds Matt Rambo Maryland
4. Florida Launch (from BOS) Nick Mariano Syracuse
5. Ohio Machine (from Chesapeake) Connor Cannizaro Denver
6. Denver Outlaws (from ATL) Zach Currier Princeton
7. Chesapeake Bayhawks (from OHIO) Jake Froccaro Villanova
8. Florida Launch (from CHE) Sergio Salcido Syracuse
9. Atlanta Blaze (from DEN) Jake Withers Ohio State

Round 2 Player School
10. Florida Launch Tim Muller Maryland
11. Chesapeake Bayhawks (from ATL) Colin Heacock Maryland
12. Chesapeake Bayhawks (from Ohio) Matt Rees Navy
13. Rochester Rattlers Eric Fannell Ohio State
14. New York Lizards (from BOS) Austin Pifani North Carolina
15. Charlotte Hounds Jack Adams Towson
16. Chesapeake Bayhawks (from NYL) Isaiah Davis-Allen Maryland
17. Denver Outlaws (from OHIO) Larken Kemp Brown
18. Atlanta Blaze (from DEN) Garrett Epple Notre Dame

Round 3 Player School
19. Chesapeake Bayhawks (from FLA) Josh Byrne Hofstra
20. Atlanta Blaze Burgdorf Denver
21. Atlanta Blaze (from CHE) Adam Osika Albany
22. Rochester Rattlers Zed Williams Virginia
23. Boston Cannons Eric Scott Yale
24. Charlotte Hounds Brian Sherlock Loyola
25. Florida Launch (from NYL) Jarrod Neumann Providence
26. Ohio Machine Nick Fields Johns Hopkins
27. Charlotte Hounds (from BOS) Brendon Hynes Richmond

Round 4 Player School
28. Florida Launch Ryan Drenner Towson
29. Florida Launch (from ATL) Alec Tullet Brown
30. Chesapeake Bayhawks Nick Aponte Penn State
31. Charlotte Hounds (from ROC) Cal Dearth Boston
32. Ohio Machine (from BOS) Joe Seider Towson
33. Charlotte Hounds John Crawley Johns Hopkins
34. Denver Outlaws (from NYL) Romar Dennis Loyola
35. Ohio Machine Dominick Calisto Boston
36. Denver Outlaws Tate Jozokos North Carolina

Round 5 Player School
37. Florida Launch Benny Pugh Richmond
38. Chesapeake Bayhawks (from FLA) Ben Williams Syracuse
39. Rochester Rattlers (from CHE) Jack Bruckner Duke
40. Rochester Rattlers Jack Curran Villanova
41. Boston Cannons Luke Goldstock North Carolina
42. Charlotte Hounds Tyler Mayes Towson
43. New York Lizards Scott Firman Syracuse
44. Ohio Machine Kevin Reisman Limestone
45. Denver Outlaws Gavin McBride Princeton

Round 6 Player School
46. Chesapeake Bayhawks (from FLA) Chris Fennell Navy
47. Atlanta Blaze Tom Moore Binghamton
48. Chesapeake Bayhawks Stephan Kelly North Carolina
49. Rochester Rattlers Ryan McNamara Marquette
50. Boston Cannons Alex Corpolongo Stony Brook
51. Charlotte Hounds Cole Johnson Army
52. New York Lizards Tucker James Bryant
53. Ohio Machine Johnny Pearson Ohio State
54. Denver Outlaws Mike Schlosser Michigan

Round 7 Player School
55. Florida Launch Mike Tagliaferri North Carolina
56. Denver Outlaws (from ATL) Tanner Scales Virginia
57. Chesapeake Bayhawks Kyle Mummau Bryant
58. Rochester Rattlers Frank Brown Hobart
59. Boston Cannons Charlie Fay Bates
60. Charlotte Hounds Tyler Young Towson
61. Denver Outlaws (from NYL) Max Adler Bentley
62. New York Lizards (from OHIO) Thomas Zenker Duke
63. Ohio Machine (from DEN) Tyler Pfister Ohio State

Round 8 Player School
64. Florida Launch Mike Lynch Towson
65. Denver Outlaws (from ATL) Tom Carey Ohio State
66. Chesapeake Bayhawks Nick Manis Maryland
67. Rochester Rattlers Kyle Rowe Duke
68. Boston Cannons Ian Yanulis Duke
69. Charlotte Hounds Connor Reed Johns Hopkins
70. New York Lizards Jeff Reh Stony Brook
71. Ohio Machine J.T. Blubaugh Ohio State
72. Denver Outlaws Matt Florence Penn State

Round 9 Player School
73. Florida Launch Conor Whipple Tampa
74. Atlanta Blaze Brian Masi Sacred Heart
75. Chesapeake Bayhawks Brett Bedard North Carolina
76. Rochester Rattlers Cody Radziewicz Johns Hopkins
77. Boston Cannons Brendan Dooley Springfield
78. Charlotte Hounds Danny Sweeney Villanova
79. New York Lizards J.D. Recor Marist
80. Ohio Machine Andy Demichiei Marquette
81. Denver Outlaws Colin Massa Mercer

Round 10 Player School
82. Florida Launch Grant Hughes Florida Tech
83. Atlanta Blaze Connor Hanson Kennesaw State
84. Chesapeake Bayhawks Joe French Virginia
85. Rochester Rattlers Ryan Lee RIT
86. Boston Cannons Tom Hughes Endicott
87. Charlotte Hounds Graham Savio Loyola
88. New York Lizards Joseph Catalonotti Adelphi
89. Ohio Machine Tanner Landstra High Point
90. New York Lizards Jack Carrigan Loyola


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