Recruiting Guide – III: College Research
By Bill Allen,

As a starting point, there are currently 756 men's and 682 women's college lacrosse programs across the NCAA (Divisions I, II, and III), NJCAA, and collegiate club (virtual varsity) programs such as the MCLA and WCLA. Links to nearly all of these programs can be found here at LaxPower in the Links section.

From there, it is a matter of sifting through admission standards, majors, size, location, social life and, of course, cost. Couple this with all the lacrosse decisions like division, scholarships, competitiveness, coach style, players and their personalities, and whether I can play there or not. Don't forget, the ever popular, How far is it from the beach? Whatever the criteria, most experts agree that a starting list of 15-25 target colleges meeting your criteria is reasonable and manageable at this early stage. Don't wait to see who comes to you.

Once you have a list of potential schools, sites like the Princeton Review provide excellent information on test preparation and tools to explore colleges on a variety of measures.

Specialized sites can also been extremely helpful. Ed Shea, formerly of the Hero's Lacrosse Club, has a great web site for women's lacrosse recruits, where, in addition to advice, you can search for college information by the programs in each state.

At, the access to the database is through a Google Maps interface. Lacrosse schools can be searched by state and division, and every school in the database contains direct hyperlinks to things like the women's lacrosse web page, the coach's bio, and online prospect questionnaires and contact information for the coach. So far, we've found nothing comparable on the men's side.

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