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• If more than one field is used, all search criteria must be met.
• Although capitalization is used in the examples below, it is not needed when searching.
• Partial matches are done (e.g., Donald in the Name field returns Donaldson, McDonald, etc.).
• The % sign can be used as a wildcard (e.g., E%Conn will return Eastern Connecticut).
• If desired, limit searches by College or other text fields using ...
      ^ = starts with (e.g., ^RIT returns RIT but not Maritime)
      $ = ends with (e.g., Virginia$ returns Virginia but not Virginia Wesleyan)
      ^...$ (e.g., ^Mercy$ returns Mercy but not Mercyhurst or Gwynedd-Mercy)
• Status codes: E(arly NLI), S(pring NLI), R(ecruit), U(nknown), W(alk-on), or TR(ansfer)
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