'Sixpackman' is the user name of a long-time member of our Forums.  He began posting his unusual and distinctive lacrosse-related verse years ago to the delight of many ... and to the horror of others, given the usage the author adopts.  But the poems and musings are often poignant, and six's following is large and loyal enough that we decided to collect here the pieces we could locate.  If you know of other posts we have missed, please send us the page address (URL) so we can add it.

a field to give
aint be forgettin us two now ... (May 10, 2009)
aint nothin to be said
all alone games (Aug 15, 2006)

before i sleep (Dec 2002)
best game (Mar 5, 2003)
big butt kid
bottom of their shoes

Catch a glimpsen
checkin air
christmas stick (Dec 24, 2006)

disappearing field
dog aint gone
dont wanta run no more now (Dec 5, 2003)
dream findin (Sep 21, 2006)

eight miles high
every thing was all rite (Feb 2003)

feelin the end now

gettin to play (Mar 5, 2003)
gift given

hand to hand
Hardest thing to do
his stick be new
hummin boy (Sep 13, 2006)

i aint no Swamiteer!!! (May 2003)
i be hard thinkin to be goin to the Duke now (Jun 10, 2006)
i be here but where is the Swamit? (May 2003)
i be thankful now (Nov 26, 2009)
i used to be riten ... (Mar 11, 2003)
inside crien (Mar 26, 2006)
it all be over now (Dec 2002)
it be mom a callin (Feb 2003)
it just be a ring boy
it was simple to me (Dec 2002)
Ivyman - dont tell me you be a Swamiteer!
Ivyman - The Thanks and the Given Storie

just a quiet melody
just for the lovin
just men of steel
just pullin away
just waiten on the callin

keepin the stats

lacrosse game
Last Game
lots of shots (Apr 7, 2003)

miracles are nice too
momma be knowin (Nov 25, 2008)
more perfect (Oct 1, 2005)
mud ball (Feb 2003)

new lacrosse ball bein tested (Jun 10, 2006)
no stoppin you (Feb 13, 2006)

old frend
Old Man
orange post (Dec 11, 2006)

pain be buried deep (Jan 2, 2007)

ran into a bit of the trouble

sad memories ... valaxfan knows too
simple things
sittin tight (Sep 15, 2006)
six be piken the tough ones (Feb 24, 2003)
Six's Six Lax Commandments (Dec 26, 2006)
slim and none????? (May 2003)
still be the same (Feb 26, 2005)
sum thing about a teem
sumptin i be missin (Dec 29, 2006)
sun be a settin ....

takin the blame
takin what you got
ten things i be thinken to now (Mar 3, 2003)
thankful day (Nov 21, 2005)
that ball did shine
the boy you see (Mar 26, 2006)
the bus be rollin in (Sep 23, 2006)
the greatest lacrosse stick
The Lacrosse Poem
the true storie about the Cornell (Mar 9, 2003)
To Ivy Man Only Now!!! (Feb 2003)
To IVYMAN ONLY (nm) (Mar 6, 2003)
to Ivyman ONLY ... Just for the playin'
To Ivyman ONLY!!! (Mar 26, 2003)
to the Ivyman only now! (Feb 26, 2006)
two feet four

waiten for a bus
when Jesus be the goalie (Feb 1, 2007)
when the breeze do blow (Dec 2002)
Where is the Swamit? (Jan 2, 2007)
which be the better shot? (Dec 2002)
will this do now?

you never forget (Feb 16, 2006)
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